This is the reason why article writing is not the most lucrative on Fiverr


I was going through the forum and I saw one seller complaining that after 5 years working on Fiverr, he hasn’t made any significant sales. Some even suggested that he tries the BR section. Well, I went to BR myself and bumped into this request by one buyer:

I need a writer to write 3 articles for $6 in 8 hours. Don’t apply if you cant do it. Thanks.

Surely, how do you expect article writers to earn a living from $6? Why can’t we find buyers who are willing and ready to appreciate writers? Is article writing gigs the cheapest on Fiverr?


No, those buyers are everywhere. Other buyers too, though, fortunately.


Sincere apologies for trying to help out. After 5 years of next to no sales I did think any suggestion would be useful - obviously not! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s the thread - I’m sure he’ll appreciate your advice! :slightly_smiling_face:


Buyers who are cheap are plenty. But writers just have to live with it


BR such as the one mentioned here would get removed in a heartbeat. It’s a complete waste of time! I’d imagine seasoned writers wouldn’t waste their time working for this ridiculous amount. BR is a hit or miss. However, the good news is that there are Fiverr buyers out there willing to PAY the proper rate.


I agree with you but such buyers are like gold- very few to find here


What I said was that they are in all categories, not only writers see requests like that.

I´m pretty sure a lot of writers would disagree with you, either way, you can just live with it, or you can try to get the buyers who are aware of and willing to pay for quality.

Writers actually have an advantage over other trades - there is another option, making buyers aware of and willing to pay for quality, who would be better suited for that than a writer?


I have to disagree. Buyers that appreciate qualified sellers are plenty.

Finding qualified writers (especially articles) are rather difficult. The number of sellers who can’t spell that have writing & proofreading gigs are overwhelming on 5r. There are buyers that get fed up with bad writing and give up on 5r.


Very True. Unqualified sellers distort the system. They offer low prices for very poorly written articles. I always feel for good buyers who make requests via the BR section. Perhaps many do not know they can find great writers using the Search feature.


Don’t underestimate other people capabilities. Who knows someone can write 3 articles in 8 hours. But someone would be very stupid to offer $6 for 3 articles in 8 hours. I have never seen people like that here on Fiverr.


It’s possible to write them, but doing it for $6 is ridiculous, unless it was a drunken (very drunken) bet. Actually, it would still be ridiculous, but at least you’d have a fun excuse.


Exactly my point. Work with a buyer who truly values your work. Build your brand and be ready to stand by it even if it means fewer orders in queue. Those whowork hard will be rewarded.


For you it’s impossible. But nothing is impossible for me.


I said that it was possible.


No, $6 for 3 articles is not ridiculous.


Why not send an offer to that buyer request then (though it won’t earn a lot)?


Are you saying you can write 3 articles for $6? @janurmas


I agree with troovie.

An article is typically 500 words - 3 x 500 = 1500. A six dollar profit for 1500 words is about 6 pages + research. That is beyond ridiculous.


Not really, take a look at some of the PRO writers, that should answer your question. :slightly_smiling_face:


For every buyer, there’s a seller :wink:
There are plenty of sellers who would do this job and quite often the person who makes this request either won’t care about quality or simply isn’t able to evaluate its quality.

There are plenty of buyers for great writers here. You just need to find them and prove that your quality is worth it.

Don’t know for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Some sellers think that all you need is a notepad to become a writer :slight_smile: