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This is the ways to get more sales

I’m starting this discussion to motivate the sellers who are doing thousand jobs in

Here’s any one can leave their comment about promoting gig and how to get more sales.

Here is the My profile link.

Feel free to message me for your any problem.

Share your Ideas with others.

I think people relay on fiverr to much for advertising. People should advertise anywhere they can(that’s appropriate). You should post your gigs on forums and social media sites.

Instead of opening a new post about a too-popularly-discussed topic with a link to own profile for self-advertising, I would recommend viewing some existing posts first.

Thanks for valuable comments of both of you.

But we all have a problem how to get more sales?

SO we need to discuss and help people to get at-least 1 order for a day.

I think this is the place for it.

Please comment.

Reply to @wegotshoutouts:

Well-said. Promote, promote, promote! :slight_smile:

Reply to @sncreations:

Discussion threads rarely result in sales. As advised in this thread already, you get more sales by promoting your gigs online – or offline – wherever your target buyers are located. There’s an old saying, “Go where the people are.” If you’re selling hamburgers, go where the hungry people that like hamburgers are located. If you’re selling band-aids, go where the injured people are.

Always find ways to market and promote to the people who are looking for the exact services you are trying to sell. If you don’t get out there and promote your gigs, you’re not going to get the level of sales you want. Get out there, find your target audience, and tell them about your great gigs!