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This is the WEEK. Post how you FEEL about ARS on Fiverr's Blog. It is NOW or NEVER to POST

The Fiverr blog on ARS is over 330 comments.

The link to the Fiverr blog is:

Comment now and let Fiverr know we are not giving up.

Come on, everyone – COMMENT ON THE BLOG – lets make it to 500 comments by this weekend and see if Fiverr ignores our voices.

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Thank you for your leadership on this one Steve Eyes.

Wait is it Stevee Yes?

This is absolute proof why the ARS system doesn’t work. Document delivered on time, he’s expressed his gratitude, and yet I’m still rated 4.5 stars.

Reply to @anarchofighter: Stevie - yes…thanks for your efforts as well,

I noticed a few of their newer blog posts are also filling with comments on the ARS.

Reply to @kissreviews: Really…amazing…are they appearing in blogs that are not related to ARS? I was searching but could not find.

I commented,I will ask my friends who work on fiverr to do the same,lets put an end to this

Comment is under moderation, meaning someone on the payroll will get a chance to read it.

I had one of my comments under moderation for over a week. Slooooooowwwwwwwwww

2 stars for communication on Fiverr’s behalf.

Left and right today,… i’ve been abused by buyers… don’t need or want the aggravation the STARS rating giving me… If it weren’t for a couple of long-term clients in my queue, I’d cancel all the orders in my line right now and shut down my gigs for awhile… This is freaking ridiculous!

Reply to @steveeyes: Yes. Here are two:

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Reply to @kissreviews: Thank you

I was upused today very bad, threatend and punished with 1 stars in al rating categories

Buyer demanded free Videos, and when I advised about Fiverrs TOC I got this message and a 1 stars.

Gig was 100% confirm and high quality

delivered 5 days in advance

and reacted to each message within minutes…

And here is sexist abusive respons, basicaly telling me, I should have shoot my moth and now he will punish me with 1 star rating

Reply to @mimie01: Did you click the above link and post it in Fiverr’s blog? I can’t guarantee it, but there is a better chance they will read it in their blog than here on the forum. Again, sorry this happen.

How many people already got perfectly gigs ruined because of this stupid rating system?

So much power to buyers.

Fiver wants from us to be slaves I guess.

OOPS…wrong place