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This is the WEEK. Post how you FEEL about ARS on Fiverr's Blog. It is NOW or NEVER to POST

Reply to @arty182925: yeah…

Reply to @mimie01: I know the feeling… I wasnt annoyed so much at fiverr till now when they made this new rating sistem.

When someone request modification, I have feeling all the time that buyer will say if I dont do him something, that he/she will give me 1 star. And when some makes review, I am thinking in my head how much star I got and how that will ruin gig.

When it was normal sistem, I wasnt annoyed with anything (well except some “smart” buyers, but at some time I got used to it).

Now we need to do almost whole day gig for 5$(actually 4) just not to get less star. Worst thing, even that doesnt help for 5 stars.

Fiverr is taking 20% of every order and 100% of freedom lol

Reply to @anarchofighter: Agreed. Steveeyes has been one of the True Leaders in this worthy cause.


Keep posting on their blog at:

I’m going to check for that right now. Thank you for the update.

Reply to @anarchofighter: Oh sorry, I should of been more clear. Yes, it is true a fiverr member posted a comment but it was only to inform a seller to notify CS. The point I was trying to make was that any comment from Fiverr team indicates they are reading the comments which is a good sign. Sorry, I should of been more clear.

I see another Fiverr team member posed a comment on the ARS blog on 6-27. That means Fiverr must be reading them, right?

Reply to @steveeyes: I guess it means they’re being scanned, yes.

But it also means, since it was a post about the sexist abuse of our friend, that they’re only monitoring it for classic TOS …we already know such behavior is against the rules (even before the ARS)…

Thank you for keep fighting this menace.

Reply to @steveeyes:

No worries at all :slight_smile: It was good for me to go see for myself anyway!

Your’e welcome


387 will we make 400

And of course at the “Customer’s Always Right” (unless they disagree with the ARS) blog post.

Perfect example of how awful this system is:  Yesterday I received $5 to knock out a couple of outgoing voicemail messages.  Even though the very first line of my instructions for buyer is "Send me the script, state what you want for pacing and tone," he provided no such instructions whatsoever.  Nonetheless, I delivered 2 superb voiceovers in just 22 minutes from the time the order was placed.<br />

He rejected them.

Why? Because I he didn't like the pacing and tone I used! Did I mention that the very first line of my instructions for buyer is "Send me the script, state what you want for pacing and tone"? Now that I wasted time on the first set of recordings, he finally told me what he wanted, and I gave it to him: Two new versions, using the intonation and tempo he requested, and I delivered THOSE just 13 minutes later, which means he has now received two sets of two voiceovers, all in 45 minutes.

This guy has the nerve to give me four stars after all that extraordinary service. FOUR. FLIPPIN’ STARS, my friends.

Amazed, I send him this message: "Four stars? Um, I have to ask, what would I have to do to earn 5? That could hurt my rating and I really feel like I went the extra mile for you. I would appreciate it if you would bump it up to 5. Thanks."

What is it that he wants in exchange for that one little star? I'm so glad you asked. He wants another revision. He wrote, "I was slightly unsatisfied...The most recent revisions are good...If you could re-record...I will gladly bump the review up."

Okay, now it's personal. I re-record the third pair of outgoing voicemail messages for this guy. He receives those files a mere 1 hour and 18 minutes after his original order. That's above-and-beyond customer service in anyone's book, am I right?

I waited to see if he was going to give me that pathetic 5th star. A couple of hours go by. Finally I messaged him and asked him about it. He eventually gets back to me with a response that actually made me audibly gasp.

He wrote, "I liked the first from this set, but not the second one."

Now I've reached the point of no return. I'm in this. So I hit the studio AGAIN and re-record the second message for what is now the FOURTH TAKE! He has it in 15 minutes after requesting it.

And yes, at long last, he gives up that fifth star. And I'm left feeling violated and disillusioned, exploited and extorted; my Fiverr landscape is scorched by my pitiful Pyrrhic victory. I wasted two hours and my self-respect, and for what?

For four dollars and one lousy, little yellow star.

P.S. I want to launch a preemptive strike against any star system supporters who might say, "But the ARS did help you - you probably won a loyal customer because of the terrific service you provided in order to get that fifth star!"

Shut up.

Do you honestly think I will ever accept another gig from this maniac? Are you out of your mind?