This is the worst update i have ever seen in my entire career


i think this is the worst update i have ever seen in my entire life, not just as a sellers, but in the buyers perspective too, i mean if you are a buyer and you want to work with top rated sellers only, you find one and he does a good job for you, a week or two you come back to reorder from them, only to find they are now a level two, you will be afraid to buy from them again because you think they are no longer competent as before so you have again to go through dealing with a new seller, understanding there schedule, how they deliver and there working process and also teaching them your schedule, and what you want.

who ever proposed this update is going to hurt, fiverr as a platform, sellers and buyers alike, i understand they wanted to motivate sellers to be more active on the platform but if these budges are changed this often then whats the purpose of working for them.

These budges are supposed to be budges of honor, to show how much you achieved, we use them in gig banners, we use them in gig videos, we use them in gig description trying to show sellers they can trust us,

now with how often they will be changing these budges its going to be a risk adding them in your videos or banners or description, say you are a top rated seller.

you tell your clients you are a top rated seller and they should trust you but the fiverr budge shows something different because it was updated 2mins later when you made the video.

this is the worst update ever seen, i dont really see any advantages to it, its making the entire rating system on fiverr look useless.

i was a level two seller, in my stats all the level two bars show green, but one bar about delivery time in level one is in red at 80% and thats why i got demoted, so if i deliver a few projects am guessing i will go back to level one in a week, then i have a late delivery and then it goes back to red, and am demoted again?

it really does not make sense to me at all
this is the worst update i have ever seen in my entire life


Sorry this happened to you. Your pain at what happened comes out.

You could have tried to get your analytics into line sooner, no?

I watch those like a hawk.

Fiverr is serious about keeping those at a certain level.


wow, just checked your profile looks great,
i do web so its really hard to maintain the rating when most times you are working with clients who have no clue what they want or what they have to do on there end,
a client can order a gig where you need to login to there website but they don’t remember the password and they need to contact there hosting company to get it which can take a while sometimes