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This is to encourage someone out there

I’ve read so many topics and I feel very sad about how much effort many people put into their works, but they haven’t yielded fruits yet. Some complained about their gig impressions/low clicks, some about how long they’ve waited for orders, some about their gigs not being visible after publishing, amongst many other issues. These are all greatly relatable and I feel someone out there needs to hear something encouraging.

You are doing very well, do not be dismayed. You are amazing in your individual fields, do not be discouraged. Just keep your minds off the impressions and simply focus on the work. Think about how you can make your gigs look better, instead. Play around with your prices, find a niche for yourself and work on it. Your skills may be amazing, but how is your language of translation? Are your texts error-free or close to perfection? How about your gig descriptions? Are they well defined? Did you take your time to explain, or you were just being too lazy to type? Do you check the buyers’ requests section? Do you send quality offers, or you just copy and paste every time? Do you edit, and re-edit, your gigs until it looks satisfying enough to you if you place yourself in the buyers’ shoes? Did you read many articles and tips on how to improve your gig? Do you ask yourself what you’re doing wrong and check where to adjust or improve? Are you active on Fiverr? Did you create working hours for yourself? Do you rest and relax, or you’re constantly online - worrying?

Sometimes, the little efforts we make go a very long way. First of all, you need to stay healthy. Rest! Sleep! Eat! A client needs a healthy and stress-free freelancer, to assist relieve them of their own stress. So, stay healthy. Success will eventually come. Then, work on your gigs. Change things. Experiment. Search for relevant and related tags in your field. Check your grammar and find ways to improve them. If possible, find yourself a freelancer to assist you in proofreading your texts before posting. Read related posts and watch video tips. Try something different from what you’ve been doing. Don’t just stay online and worry, be relevant to yourself. No orders yet, yes. But, spend that time online doing something. Do your part, the rest is up to the clients to see your value and order for it. But, do your part. There’s plenty of space for everyone to succeed. There’s plenty of space for everyone to get orders. “Value” is what matters most. Sell value and it will pay off over time. Be encouraged. Be enthusiastic. Be your own source of motivation. Positive energy attracts positive outcomes. But most important of them all, BE PATIENT. Patience, they say, is a virtue. Learn patience and tolerance. It always pays off, eventually.

Do not be mistaken. I am also a new Seller. I am also waiting. I am also working on myself and my gigs. I haven’t even gotten my first order, yet but, this is my mindset. This is how I think. This is my approach to Fiverr, and I am actually happy about it because I know I will eventually be successful. It’s only a matter of time, and this is because I know I am competent and confident enough to know I have value to sell. We are all in this together and we will definitely make sales. Just spend time improving yourself and give it time. Every other thing will fall into place, eventually.

Much love.:heart:

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