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This is urgent please help me

I forgot my security question can any one help me?
I contacted the fiverr costumer support team but the said we are not able to help you to recover or reset your security question please i need help can any one help me.


How do you forget the answer to your own personal security question?

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By placing unneeded symbols in a way that’s easily forgotten so that the answer looks more like a password than an answer? :thinking:

Here’s what one of the forum members said about this (and no, Customer Support is actually great!):

Harder to remember = easy to forget.

And for @roshantotakhil you might want to read this:

Try guess for answers

actually i did not forgot the security question when i am entering the security question it says Your answer is incorrect.

I mean the security question that i provided

And why would the answer, that you originally chose, be incorrect now, as you try to type it into whatever security obstacle that has you stymied.


There’s your answer.


where is the answer?

I am confused i don’t know what should i do?

There isn’t anything we or CS can do - you have to be able to remember your security details - sorry.


i faced this problem 2 years ago, and they asked me to send some personal info also a selfie shot with my valid passport
then they reseted it

try again with them, there must be another solution

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Ok thanks i will do that.
But i hop they will help me.

i forger too sequrity answer but i have my phone number in my pocket anyone say how to getting hlep??