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This is what I never ever expected from Fiverr

This is what I never ever expected from Fiverr | Very disappointed with customer support |

Hello there,

It’s me again Sajib…This is an uncountable time I am contacting you for some reason. Fiverr told me they will let me know why my account got temporarily suspended? But it’s 2021 and April month almost finished but no luck.I waiting since

> November 2020

to get my account back but Fiverr is doing an injustice to me. As a regular Fiverr seller i never ever expected something like that. Still, now I am sure I have never broken any Fiverr TOS.I don’t how much more time Fiverr will take to finish reviewing my account…


I could create a new account with my parents or brother’s info but I have never done something like this because i want to do my job with my own identity. This is an uncountable time I requesting please finish review my account and if I really never break any TOS please give my account back.


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That would be a ToS violation.

Nobody on the forum can do that.


yes, I know that… That’s why now fiverr disabled my account.
Fiverr couldn’t not able to finish review process since oct 2020 to till now but todat when I post it on forum, they’re able to disabled my account

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