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This is why Fiverr should never allow Skype calls

So from time to time, I see people on the forum suggesting that Fiverr should allow Skype communication between buyers and sellers. Personally, I’ve never liked this idea. I do communicate directly with off-Fiverr clients. However, when I do it is always via email or Whatsapp.

Anyway, recently I’ve come to realize first hand why Skype would be awful for Fiverr. Recently I joined a new freelance platform which does allow for Skype interviews and client communication. Sadly, because of this, my experience has so far been overwhelmingly negative.

Albeit that I am a newbie on this other platform, almost all of my bids have received instant glowing responses. People love my portfolio and they want to discuss projects in more detail. - Via Skype. In this case, off I go adding contacts and arranging a live chat. And then the fun starts.

In every single case so far, people posting jobs for at reasonable rates of pay, start charts by talking about who they are and what they do. To be honest, this is a bit tiresome, however, it’s fine. The big problem, though, rests with what comes next. Basically, there is a long-winded sales pitch followed by: "Yes, and to start off with, you’ll be paid $4-$7 per piece of content. We would also prefer to pay you directly via PayPal."

It is truly shocking. First, there is the nerve of advertisig jobs at $500-$1,000. Then there are the obvious problems associated with off-platform payments, which also break the TOS of the site in question.

Given my experiences, be very careful when trying to encourage Fiverr to make Skype (or similar) part of their own system. It is very time-consuming, offers poor likelihood that buyers will convert, and is literally like sticking your head into a hornet’s nest.


Wait, wait, wait!
So did Fiverr do something right?
If so, you know that it is going to be introduced within a couple of days now…



My worry of this is the reason behind my post :slight_smile:


I’m sure they don’t want us talking to each other over Skype. We can’t even see reviews left for us unless we leave one.

I really don’t see that happening tbh.
I know Mr Micha said something on Twitter about a year ago about looking for a solution to make communication easier but there has never been any hint that getting free reign to use Skype would be allowed. In fact, I imagine all the changes with the messaging system in the past year are probably what he was referring to.

I have been getting so many requests for Skype contact that I have created a gig for it but I think it probably has so many Ts and Cs attached to it that only people who have bought from me before will buy it. I still would not like free reign as at least this way people pay to just make the call and so it avoids the types of buyers you are referring to.

I wouldn’t like all these people calling me.

I’ll be so annoyed if I get calls from time to time from fiverr… the message is okay…

we should focus on something better which is the horrible review process… Are you guys aware of that…