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This Is Why We (The Sellers) Need More Control Over Buyers


Story time!

Three days ago, in the middle of the night, I received an order.
It was a standard rewrite: tiny thing, 2 days delivery, nothing out of the ordinary. I woke up the next day, gave it a quick look, realized it wouldn’t take much of my time and went back to my schedule. Because, you know, we aren’t really given that much spare time around here and I had three more of these things waiting in line.

I eventually got rid of the queue, went back to that order and started working on it. Upon further inspection, it was clear that the buyer didn’t provide me with everything I needed. He didn’t seem to have read my gig description, my list of requirements, nor the FAQ section in which I SPECIFICALLY request that people contact me prior to placing an order.

With still a few of hours on the clock (for reference, the Editorial Freelancers Association sets the average completion time for a 500 words rewrite to 1 to 3 hours - it usually takes me 45 to 90 minutes), I opened a dispute. I clearly told the guy that I couldn’t work with he had given me, asked him for more info, and suggested we added 24 hours to the deadline. I figured: if he doesn’t answer immediately, that still gives me some time to deliver without risking the dreaded “you’re late” e-mail.

Fast forward to two minutes ago, more than 24 hours from the moment the dispute was opened, when the person on the other end simply accepted the extension and told me “thank you for your time”. No indication as to what they wanted me to do with their order; no sign of the additional details I had asked them for.
Moral of the story: I am now at a crossroads. I could try to imagine what the buyer wanted and deliver the order or I could ask for a mutual cancellation.

The former has its risks: the person might not like what I send them, they might leave a negative review, and even ask for a refund later. That’d rob me of both my earnings and my time. Additionally, the order is already marked as late, meaning that even if I deliver it my “on time” percentage is going to take a hit. There is nothing I can do to save it. Considering the relatively low number of orders I delivered in the last sixty days and the fact that this thing has already happened once, as of January 13th I am a level 1 seller. Nothing I could have done to prevent it!

The latter is arguably better but It’s still going to do some damage. I could go for a mutual cancellation and hope the person accepts it. As Fiverr was so kind to remind me, cancelling an order means that you won’t profit from it (obviously) but also that your completion rate - another one of the standards they want you to maintain if you want to avoid demotion - will go down. My placement might also change.

Now: there’s clearly some extremely moronic design choices at play here.
Let’s look at them together, like in kindergarten!

  • First of all, if you work with Fiverr’s HR department and somehow ended up reading this message, please fire the guy who thought it was a good idea to extend delivery times from the original deadline and not from the moment the issue is solved. This is so inconceivably stupid that I can’t wrap my head around it. If a seller is opening a dispute, it is to vault an otherwise insurmountable obstacle that prevents them from completing the order. For all intents and purposes, whether it is time, lack of details or personal problems, that individual CANNOT progress. The countdown should be frozen in place at least until both parts come to an agreement. It’s actually quite straightforward, I don’t even get the need to tell you guys about that.

  • Secondly: give us sellers the chance to decide whether we want to accept an order. Or at least give us 12 hours from the moment it is placed to pick yay or nay. Give us a toggle option, ANYTHING! Hell, even my girlfriend, who occasionally dog-sits through a dedicated site, has the ability to speak the last word. We are the ones doing the job, we are the ones having to deal with ignorant buyers who seem unable to read even the most basic of sentences and still throw money at the screen expecting results. In fact, good sellers are the only thing keeping this place alive. Without people who pour their heart, soul, and dedication into what they do, you’d be stuck with the stereotypical**************** who spins copyright-protected material and the ************ holding *********** signs.

Fiverr shows no willingness to care for the very engines keeping this disastrous machine moving forward. According to the forums and to some of the people I had the honor to chat with in the past year, the company never even tried to. To me, such a situation is mind-boggling. I don’t know what most sellers are trying to do on the platform, but I’m here to run a business and I’m clearly paying a fee for a service and a series of tools that I’m not guaranteed nor provided with.

This rant is my way to finally say no; to cross my arms, lift my head, and show that I’m fed up with all this. I am done with buyers strong-arming me into doing jobs I wasn’t paid for (yep, that happened), I am done with unresponsive customers waking up two weeks after a 60$+ order has been completed, asking CS for a refund although they never requested a revision, and receiving one just because they are buyers (yep, that also happened), I am done with customer service reps coming up with all sorts of excuses and “interpreting” the ToS we both signed to side with the buyers. (yes, you guessed, that also happened).

Fiverr is actively peddling a work culture that can only be described as “shut up and do exactly what we tell you to”. They are presenting sweatshop-like working condition as the new frontier of freelancing, creating a cartel within the industry, and depreciating your skills.

I’m out! If you care about your future as an independent creative and wish to make a proper living out of it - no matter your field or niche - strongly consider putting some distance between yourself and this site.

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A couple of points I agree with, some things are not great for sellers.
In terms of accepting an order or not, there is no doubt in my mind that this is unworkable for Fiverr’s model. It has to be a “accept all orders” or “buyers make requests for all to bid on”.
Any hybrid would lead to some buyers placing several orders at the same time and waiting to see who accepted and other messy things that would cause unforeseen hassle.

If Fiverr doesn’t work for you then fair enough, there are other options you can pursue so best of luck on those but there are many of us that Fiverr does work for so it might be worth looking into ways to overcome issues rather than just reacting and then leaving.


You seem really upset with the site.
Yes there are flaws but it is a great source of business too.
Some buyers are nagging and do whatever they can to push your limits

But the society keeps developing, we cannot just give up
If your stats go down and you get demoted
Don’t worry
The next evaluation is within one month and you can get promoted back up

Improvements need to be done here and fiverr team should consider the problems faced by the sellers and try to resolve then

But we cannot give up our hopes

All the best


I feel that you are angry over some things but you are still going to be an active seller on fiverr.

No workplace is perfect. There will always be upset angry people working with any organization. The trick is to make it work for you and learn patience and acceptance that nothing is perfect anywhere.

It’s one thing to rant when you are frustrated to let off steam, but another to say “I’m out!” but continue to reap the rewards of working at a place.

When someone flounces off in frustration and anger it should be a real flounce and not one that you don’t mean. So is it ok to assume that as soon as you deliver the rest of your orders you will close your account?

This is anything but a “disastrous machine”.

So are you leaving fiverr, or are you saying that you will stay but you are expressing your frustration?


I agree with the other commenters on here, which is something I don’t often say. Fiverr is pretty unique in where all orders are automatically accepted until proven otherwise. Can it have flaws? Yes. Is it awful? Not really.

[quote removed since the OP was edited by a Moderator]

I will assume the only people you have ran into is the one that Pewdiepie paid for? Yes, there are some crazy gigs on here, but that’s how Fiverr flourished. You are able to do pretty much anything and get paid for it if someone is willing to shell out the cash.

Also, that sounds borderline racist. At the very least we are not allowed to call out any group of people based solely on their ethnicity or background, it goes against the forum rules. Right @fonthaunt?

I’m out! If you care about your future as an independent creative and wish to make a proper living out of it - no matter your field or niche - strongly consider putting some distance between yourself and this site.

Nah, I make a living here, and probably will continue to make money here until the site goes under or they send me away with cuffs for violating a restraining order.


I completely agree with you. (Though not what I imagine was an offensive remark about munchkins from How-do-I-mek-sell-Landia).

The quickest fix for the most complained about seller issues on the forum would be:

  • For it not be possible for an order to be placed (even if it doesn’t start) until a buyer enters their order details
  • To let all sellers have an allowance of 1 or 2 mutual cancellations per month
  • For it to be possible to block buyers
  • For Fiverr to switch to an Escrow based payment system where chargebacks and refunds can’t happen

Oh, and Fiverr could stop policing sellers with never-ending secret feedback buttons.

Sadly, Fiverr won’t do any of the above. If anything, some new piece of nonsense will just make things more difficult.

One thing you can do is put a disclaimer in your gig. One of mine says that if a buyer doesn’t tell me what they want writing, they get an article on a topic of my choosing. I’ve also delivered template videos to people which are basically just my gig video with a message saying, “As per the TOS in my gig, please find attached a copy of the exact video featured. As you did not provide any order details, I could not customize this for you but you are entitled to 1 free revision within three days of delivery.”

If I was you, I would put a similar disclaimer in your gig. In future when this happens, then just have a filler article you can deliver as soon as you start running into communication problems.

Of course, there is no escaping it all. The important thing is that if you feel like you are burning out, take some time out.


Never wait on a buyer for 24 hours to give you the information you need to do the job.

Obviously this was not a buyer you could work with and the warning signs were there almost from the beginning. So you should have cancelled this sooner.

I know it takes time to learn these things but never simply wait for hours or days to get the information you need. Be ready to cancel quickly.

As soon as a buyer shows they are not dependable and available when you need something from them, cancel.


It’s really not very often that we get someone coming to the forum to comaplin that they are getting TOO MANY orders, however. It’s generally the opposite.