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This is Wrong... What do you think about this?

Hi guys! first time posting here… I wanted to share something that I found out today, a Level 2 user is making money from someone else, in this case from Illumination Entertaiment (Creators of despicable me), Animation Mentor and Others… I wanted to know that do you guys think about this?

He is basically taking a trailer videos and at the end it says “Your text & your logo”

Update: Now he is on “Vacations”

yo can submit a copyright infringement on Customer Support i guess

I think that only the owner of the copyrighted materials can actually submit an Intellectual Property claim -

Fiverr asks if the ownership of any material used on the gig’s page is fully owned or licensed by the seller. They just can’t control every single entry :slight_smile:

Big studios have there own legal policy and look for infringements pretty much everywhere. Once this particular seller’s offer is spotted, they’ll probably claim the copyright.

Fiverr Customer Support

He is now working again… I can’t believe that fiverr support doesn’t do anything…
I already contacted them…

I don’t want to let this go, this shouldn’t be allowed

Reply to @ediarts: Report it to the copyright holder. They can file a report with Fiverr if they want to. It is no different from people selling Facebook likes, Amazon reviews or copying material from Google images. If a third party site is notified of a violation, they can complain to Fiverr.

You can report it to the Fiverr Trust and Safety team yourself as well and that might work. It just carries more weight if the entity being violated reports it.

Reply to @ediarts: Fiverr does not have anything to do with that. You would need to go to the person who actually holds the copyright to let them know about it.

And to be honest, even if you did contact the owner of the copyright, many times it has to be something bigger for them to spend legal money to go after them. The only people you should be contacting if you are this upset is Illumination Entertainment. Let us know when you contact them.