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This isn't fair.. fiverr disabled my account

after years of struggles… sleepless night, hard earned review… fiver disabled my account this morning.
I just recently delivered 2 orders, and received 5 star review from one of them… and i have some orders (awaiting for buyer’s response).
I log in this morning, we chat with a client that gave me 5 star rating this morning, he said he want to other contents $$.
I log in to see if he’s ack online so, i can seal the deal but i could’t log in… i got the message your account was disabled, i checked my email i receive a message from fiver emphasizing the same…
Now, i have to start from scratch… i lost everything
if only fiverr is considerate enough…


If your account was disabled, you must have broken the ToS. It’s interesting that you don’t mention the circumstances.


they said the account was misleading people… something related to fake identity… @humanissocial

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in their message they said… “it was permanently disabled” so, i guess no way to get it back?

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Where are you from and have you recently been asked to verify your identity?


i was asked to verify last 2 months, and i have verified the account successfully using my National Identity card @cyaxrex

Have you recently logged in from anywhere different, changed ISP providers, started using a VPN, or changed your physical location?


Maybe it’s because of the profile image. eg. a stock image?


No, to avoid this kind of issues… i have restricted my self to only one browser for fiverr… nothing like changing ISP providers… the only thing cross my mind after you talk about changing of physical location is that last two weeks i was in school but i am home now which is 2 different locations, but the same country… so, i don’t think that will be an issue @cyaxrex

you might have a point here @uk1000 because for the last 6 months i have been using my girlfriends pic as my profile image

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Is it possible that someone else at your school could have accessed Fiverr over a shared Internet connection like a public wifi hotspot or campus network?

This is a bit damning. If you verified your ID as a male but are using a female profile picture, that would imply fraud. The same would apply if you are female and are using a profile pictire representing someone different to the person pictured on your ID card.


I have a question regarding this. Last month I traveled to 3 different countries (in the same month) and I accessed fiverr in all these countries, in addition to where I live.
Is it possible that I might get a warning?

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Put here the e-mail that fiverr sent to you stating the reason that your account was disabled.

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there you have it… why use a female picture if your name is clearly not a girl’s name…

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Well, it is a big school with Wireless network connection everywhere but i am sure the number of student using fiverr is alarming… again, i am home now and it has been 2 weeks since i left school, and in this 2 weeks i’m operating the account normally with no any warning from fiverr… @cyaxrex is like we need to have someone from inside to be handling this kindof issues for us… how can someone with upto 200+ review be disabled just like that… i am sick of this i don’t care attitude of fiverr

fiverr must have known that sellers are entitled to change their physical locations for one reason or another… so, i don’t think changing physical location will be an issue… @ammarshrf

Post a screenshot of the e-mail you received so we can do a better opinion about It.

That’s not the problem , I usually travel a lot with my girlfriend and we are always using a private connection when we do this , we also inform support every time when we are leaving the country just to make sure … the only problem in your case is with the picture … in my opinion .


The message goes thus @silver_seo
Hi yana****,

Your profile was flagged for misleading our community by using a false identity. This is a violation of our Terms of Service and/or other policies. As a result, your Fiverr account was permanently disabled.
Any available sales balance remaining in your account after 90 days, will be available for withdrawal pending account verification and approval by our team.

For more information, please review our Terms of Service.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

The Fiverr team

I have a very strong feeling that this is a biased account and there is more to this story.