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This japanese puppy will be the perfect gift for your lover, or even promote your business!


Hey Fiverr community! Just a little mention for my gig that I’ve been working on. I can have my rare japanese breed puppy hold your sign/message and it will look super cute! I have no problem spending hours on this and giving you as many pictures as you need! Just let me know what you want, thanks1



Yes! It is an Hokkaido. We are currently stationed here in Japan and got him right here in Tokyo. Even though they are bred in Japan, a lot of the Japanese people still are in awe of him! He’s just a cute puppy I guess :slight_smile:


Good luck.


Yes we are in the Air Force, both my wife and I. And yes, it will most likely be a hassle to bring him back, but we definitely can!

Yes, Phil is named after someone important to me, plus my wife wanted an “old man name” for him. So it was perfect! haha


He IS super cute! :smiley: