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This month is really Bad Month :(

This month My Account Have LEVEL 2 However no single Order :frowning:

Really bed Month for me.I am biding regularly, Social singles going Good But this month no single order :frowning:

How’s your Oct Month Guys ?


Same here every thing was fine but no customer interface… it seems like we are new to fiverr while we have any level does’t matter anymore.:unamused:


11 orders in total from 2 clients i previously worked with, but zero new clients this month.


Yes Same Here :frowning:

This month is very Slow.I am LEVEL 2 Seller since 6 month approx but not getting enough sales.

My team is bidding regularly, Doing Social Media Marketing etc but still not getting enough sales.Don’t know what’s going on ?


This month i have also repeat client only expect 1.


Same here.2 Month ago i become LEVEL 1 Seller then after i am not getting any sales. :frowning:


This month also bad for me

We Expect such months from fiverr when you gigs are pushed from 1st page to 2nd of search results.
You should keep track of Your gig appearing in search results.
My gigs was on 1st page for several keywords but from last 30 days i can see that gigs are pushed to 2nd page.

I got order this month but it’s not too much compare to Aug & Sept. Basically very slow month for me also.

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How We can track ?..

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:anguished: No sales

I’m calling this month: The Hunt for Green October

Sales are extraordinarily low. The last week of September and the first week of October, sales were zero. My slide started in May. I have a few brand new gig ideas to try out. However, I’m now battening down the financial hatches and hunting out projects off Fiverr.

It’s hard work but it’s all one can really do in such situations.


same here. after upgraded to level one i got 1k+ buyer request and almost all of them are old req. so no improvement at all.

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It all depends, this is my slowest month that I’ve ever had in a couple of years, and my gigs were shown on the first page at the top for some keywords, and one of the gigs showed first even when clicking on the category. However, it might be because I had raised my prices. I reverted them again, but now my gigs lost the previous position.

If you have such slow periods, it’s best to manage your time to learn new skills, improve your existing skills, read some books, or do anything else that would either boost your knowledge or creativity. I signed up for a course on Fiverr learn, and I will sign up on the other one next month. I doubt that it will give me more exposure, but it’s cool to have that badge on your profile.


Pick up your head. ANd keep going. Its all about repetition. Content, content, content.

One of the worst months in 3 years… I just focused somewhere else


:thinking: What would that be?


Why what happened with your gigs.

same to same bro…i have no order after new update and stop my sell it’s really bad for me . [Switch to Selling/ Buying] it’s really very difficult not easy to use.i create new topic about this matter but any person no reply me

So sorry to hear this. Although, some people are lucky to be bombarded with orders.
I wish you the best in the coming months