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This my best gig,look at

you’re curious? :rofl:

click the link below

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You shouldn’t do this on Fiverr. The CS will take this down soon.

i’m sorry i just want to show public about my gig

im very sorry

The best way to promote your gigs, share on social media.
Sharing gigs links here i think not safe for your account

thank you for your attention, i’m sorry i’m a new seller here

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work hard and be patient soon you will succeed.

thank you, i’m very motivated by you :smile:

I just check your profile you are graphics designer.
Only suggestion for you, That you should give Graphics Design Skills Test this will help to rank your gigs

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whether by making gigs and posting them? or is there another way?

Bro you changed the link. Don’t act smart

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its ok,sorry i dont know about thiis