This new payment card?


I’m in the UK so;

  1. Can I use one to tranfer my earning on to
  2. If so can I go to the USA and use it to buy my new camera ? :slight_smile:


i think yes this Fiverr card is your Master Card which is accepted worldwide. :slight_smile:


Fiverr card is Master Card. You can use that card anywhere.


But I wonder if I can have one in the UK with the USD currency ?

Do we have any brits using it now ?


I have a discussion here about the revenues card in the UK.

I didn’t have a great experience as the card isn’t chip and pin paypal works best with you revenues available in your bank within about an hour!


Hello, I m from Greece. I already want get fiverr card from payoneer but i got below replay:

Thank you for your email.

Please note that your account has been closed for undisclosed reasons.

Please contact your partner program for an alternative for of payment.



I can’t understand why ?


Reply to @sshadoww11: Now would be a great time to talk to the guys over at customer support they will be able to answer your questions and are available 24 hours a day :slight_smile: