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This new review process is horrible

So with this new review process, I just had a buyer not really communicate with me affectively…he shouted a bunch of demands that I had not seen. I click on a notification that he left me a review, so I go to leave a pleasant 5 star review because from my point of view, everything went splendidly. Little did I know he had shouted out like 5 demands which I never saw and didn’t get a chance to respond to while he left me a trash 1 star review saying that my service was trash. So now I can’t explain myself in the review. This makes no sense especially when you see his review and my review don’t match up at all. I think this just leaves potential customers confused. I don’t know, I kinda am left feeling hopeless and unable to defend myself. This customer gave me no chance to fix it…it kinda sounds like he was expecting a different gig of mine. And this was a repeat customer so I didn’t think they would be so unhappy. Ugh.


Agreed. This new “feature” will reduce sales for sure if nightmare buyers can bully sellers in their review, and not giving the seller a chance to give their side of the story. Plus the seller will look like an unprofessional seller who doesn’t care about buyer satisfaction, if they ignore the review and thank the person instead for giving their money to you.

It’s so one-sided, even though the news post was about things going both ways.


Just another frustrating aspect of this site that favours the buyers and not the sellers.


Hello, I’m sorry this happened to you!

I looked at your profile and see a review that sounds like a child wrote it:
“trash, boo boo service”
but don’t see a gig that has that review. Did you pause your gig?

I wanted to see what it looked like to have a bad review followed by a good response from you.

I know if I saw that on a seller’s gig I would want to see the response to it from the seller, to see an explanation of what happened so I could get both sides of the story.


Right! And the crazy thing is now they buyer CAN’T change his review, and the seller can’t really even discuss it without a potential issue…


Misscrystal, the review under my social media gig.

Wow! That must have come as a huge surprise! He seemed to like your fb promo

I found it.

His says “trash. boo boo service”
Then yours says “great experience promoting this artists music.”

It seems very strange.


It looks so, so, so, so… I’m left out of words :frowning_face:

It could have been worse if he had said
“It was such a pleasure working with this wonderful repeat client.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:joy::joy::joy::joy:You made me almost spit the juice I’m drinking !!! :rofl::rofl:


Personally, I feel it’s strange as well…

Most buyers will give a very bad review despite giving a good job but due to the new feature you can’t even know their feedback unless you drop yours…

I don’t like it


Blind review Victim :raised_hand:
The Buyer left 4* review lol🙀
I give her 5* with big thanks :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::bowing_man::bowing_man:


The opposite happened to me. She gave me 5 stars, I gave her 3.

Do buyers get notifications when we review them? I’ve never gotten a notification when I review a seller and the seller reviews me.

Should I apologize to my client? Right now I’m waiting to see if she notices.


The only GREAT thing is that she can’t come back and change her review!! YAY!! But - you could always reach out to her and talk… just don’t mention “review”…:zipper_mouth_face:

I don’t like this new feature of rating. Its much like Upwork. It should be different like previous one.

It was a slap in the face to a nice person. Hopefully they won’t notice. See if they say anything first.


I decided that I don’t like it. I mostly have returning customers and I know that most of the time they rate me 5 stars, but I have no idea how to review. I just don’t know what to write except a plain: it was a pleasure working with you.

And it looks so weird when the buyer is excited in their feedback and I just write: pleasure working with you. I like to have the option to reply!!! Especially since the review is shown on or page in a reply form.


Okay so my first - look like an idiot moment…:neutral_face:
Buyer left a 3.7 review - with no feedback other than his email address. So no specifics… only negative was - “buy again or recommend” -
Is it petty for me to block that buyer? I figure that if they wouldn’t buy again or recommend, and left a review stating as much - it’s legitimate to block them. . Particularly because they’ll soon learn after ordering the same thing from a few other seller - that my service was the best.

Too many 3.7 reviews would sink me.

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I think customer support would remove it due to it being the email but possibly not the stars. I think it is your choice if you want to block someone.

I looked through all your gigs trying to see what you said in your review of the buyer but didn’t see it.

Imagine their surprise when they can’t place another order! :open_mouth: