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This one takes the cake

OK so I used to check for copycats like once a week, and then flag their gigs or message them, depending on how smart they handled their theft.

I say “used to” because I don’t do that anymore.

I no longer have the time, nor do I think someone will copy my tags or gig’s description and rise as a major player in my category because of that. :slight_smile:

But today I got a really interesting message…

So the guy wants my Pro gig (offering animated explainers), claims he doesn’t know the type of video yet and when asked for a budget, I get a weirdly specific amount and a really extended deadline. Why $32?

It’s like if someone is calculating some sort of fees on top of everything…

And to top that off, when I clearly stated that I can’t lower my price by $3,468, he then countered with a nonsensical let me up my offer x3 but cut down the deadline by a factor of /6.

I then clicked on their profile, and found that they are offering an explainer video service themselves.


And here comes the big twist… That guy… -wait for it- had my gig description copied verbatim, same deal for the entire FAQ , exact same credentials, even the same packages titles…

He was offering explainer videos, posing as me, hoping that he would charge $100 for them, I would make them for $32 and he would laugh all the way to the bank.

Just check out his response when confronted:


“please don’t mind it”

Oh, and before anyone tells me to delete the user’s name, I added that screen name myself and photoshopped the user’s profile image as well, to something more fitting.


Someone copied my entire gig, and hoped they would sell it for $100, I would make it for $32, and they would profit off of me.


3 hours after my flag, the gig is officially gone.
Moral of the story for all you copycats out there: if you want to copy a gig, don’t contact the person you copied from, trying to resell their service. They will catch on pretty quickly.


I really appreciate the time you spent adding the image and fake name - it adds to the the overall lol-level of the post.


oh my :roll_eyes: what a mess.

thanks @eoinfinnegan

I thought it was fitting to come up with a character and even a backstory for this person.

I am actually thinking of making this into a series.

Like I have hundreds of stories to tell, via the magic of screengrabs.

Anyone interested in like a weekly story?


well yea, since I don’t have any orders, why not.


Yeah, isn’t it just so cute when of all people those who copied your gigs if not your identity come and ask you to work for them for nothing, wanting to sell it on for profit and cover up their bad reviews with a good one.
Or even send others to order your gig for their orders… others who copy their pal’s message into your inbox, forgetting to delete the first bit like
“Hi dear Send miiila a message,
Do you have time to…”
(my most recent “takes the cake” message with added lol factor).
Those people. Those PEOPLE! :woman_facepalming: If there was no response rate and if I’d not feel sorry for the people who buy from them when they can’t manage to make someone able to do the actual work do the actual work, I’d be all like :rofl:, but like this it’s more :sweat_smile:.


There was one guy 2 years back, that was smart about it.

He copied everything, and set it up as an hourly over at PPH.

So I noticed that he was always coming to me with overly specific requests and briefs, but never placed an order.

So I did some legwork and I found his hourly.

So he was offering my $500 gig for something like $600.

So I set up an account over at PPH and pretended to be a client.

I asked for a 3D animated elephant, holding a phone for an ad and asked for a quote.

He then proceeded to message over on Fiverr with that request.

I think I kept it up for about a week before I contacted PPH CS and had them take it down.

Like we’re talking about a budget in the thousands, and specs were crazy, like at one point in my script the elephant was supposed to go to outter space and fight a pink Kthulu figure! :slight_smile:


This is a funny story, really. I know the pain, I had similar before on other platform. I ordered stuff from the guy, and met in person, and confronted him on the spot. Never heard from him again:)


You met in person? :scream: :scream_cat: what happened then in that meeting? did you punch him? scratch him? or ?

I guess LoserL33t is a big loser…what a fitting username.


Thank you, I really did put some thought into it.


And he called you dear too…some sellers these days…:rofl::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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that was red flag #1 to be honest.



Every week you could tell the story of a different person. Make a thread and ask for times when gigs were duplicated etc.


Different times, different platform, different products. No violence. I just took what I ordered, told him he should not do this again, copy my text, my ads, my product, even my NAME! Simply did not pay for the goods - was about $10, so it was more educational then making him broke.


oh my, you are like an angel :open_mouth: salute.

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Sounds good, can we have that instead of a weekly cake story? :wink: