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This one was too funny not to share


Some guy contacted me about a design. I sent him a few questions that I always send potential clients in a word document. He replies that he would rather not open it because “how do I know it’s not a virus?”

This is a guy with a buyer account and no gigs. He is contacting me (a top rated seller) and fearing that I might send him a virus in a document with questions.

I had to share this one. It was just too funny.

I would love to hear similar stories! A good laugh is always welcome.



Dont click , Its virus, It will bite you …

muaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhha ha ha ah:crown:


I should add that one to my list of potential buyers to shut down as soon as possible :slight_smile:


Yep, that is a massive red flag.


Someone wanted me to cast a spell for them to fly on a magic carpet, and then referred to me as "Miss Gypsy Witch."
This message made me want to log off Fiverr right away and reevaluate my life choices.


That sounds awfully familiar.


oops, didn’t know that was still an “offensive” term, sorry, :sweat:


lol yikes, wasn’t me :relieved: