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This order is confusing

So someone is interested in my gig “I’ll do anything for you in India.” He says he’ll pay me if I find information about dealers interested in purchasing refurbished phones in India and he’ll give me commission. Now I’ve worked like this with milestones on different platforms but I donno how should I get paid with this order on Fiverr. What should I do and what should I give him if he purchases my gig?

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I checked out your gig. It says $5 is only for your service. But how about transportation cost, etc, that you will spend to do any task? Maybe you should tell your buyer to buy more gigs. And maybe you should have extras for extra costs. Never put yourself in a situation where a buyer will pay you later, it´s just not good. A buyer should pay everything upfront, it´s for your own sake.

Agreed but I was thinking to discuss that with buyers in custom offer.

@zeeshan_tirmizi I see. Well then another posters who are experienced in this hopefully can help you with their advice soon.

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Yeah I hope so…

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