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This Order Mistake Send


“This order mistake send”

“mistake order”

“I want talk first then order”

“I mistake order, please cancel”

You might think that the kind of person sending the above four requests to cancel an order, is far from a competent English speaker. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the person who has now entered their 2nd week of cancelation tennis with me, actually sells articles on Fiverr.

To be a bit more specific, this person sells articles and cryptocurency content just like me. What is more here is what it looks like when one Fiverr seller with no brains at all attempts to sabotage a Fiverr seller with at least a wee bit grey matter.

  • Seller with very similar gigs orders at 14:02
  • Seller requests first cancellation prior to order starting in very broken English at 14:04
  • Seller tries very hard for 7-days to pretend that they don’t speak even basic English and are confused why I will not accept to cancel their order
  • After notifying the seller that since they sell similar gigs to me, they will have to ask CS to cancel to avoid any suggestion of sabotage, seller miraculasly learns how to communicate in English very fluently

Order Started.

Requirements: give me article about cryptocurrency

1000 words

Now, my gig is very clearly for 500-words. In this case, this scammer will get 501 maximum, even though I often include extra words FOC. Of course, this will very likely result in a 1-star review. However, here’s the deal:

If I accept to cancel this order (for a gig which says READ GIG DESCRIPTION IN FULL PRIOR TO ORDERING. I DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS), I will likely get demoted to level 0 in 10-days, while this person in the exact same niche, will carry on selling at level 2.

Now is that a flawed rating system or what?


Assuming that you are correct in your accusation of this seller, and assuming that this is actually what happened… then yes, it would be extremely shady.


Just accepts the cancelation request… in both cases, this guy will most likely request a refund from Fiverr CS afterward.

IMO, Getting demoted is better than a 1-star review or delivering FREE work.


This is the first time the buyer/seller intent has been so obvious. I had a lot of orders like this on a certain niche of gig I used to offer (2 every week at around the same time) I stopped the sabotage by pausing the gigs. Then I started getting a lot of orders on this one gig and so included my disclaimer on the gig page.

I highly doubt that they will request a refund from CS. This will immediately raise eyebrows with CS. As for getting demoted being better than a 1-star review. - No.

If Fiverr is implementing a level system to show buyers who the best providers of services are, it makes no sense for someone to embrace being demoted in favor of avoiding a 1-star review from a competing seller who you probably couldn’t trust to scratch their own nose correctly.


I would recommend you to use and abuse of the TOS with this competitor:
Users with the intention to defame competing sellers by ordering from competing services will have their reviews removed or further account status related actions determined by review by our Trust & Safety team.
Let the 1 star arrive and then contact CS. Your competitor is killing himself :wink:


For the record, I agree with you that this type of “tactic” is awful. Here is the situation at hand.

Ourselves and Fiverr both know that a cancellation is a possible outcome for an order. So far so good. Fiverr now also want’s it sellers to meet certain standards. Simple research shows that sellers who fulfill the 90%90%/90% standards earn Fiverr more money. Therefore, pushing sellers to meet this standards is in Fiverr’s best interest. Still good so far.

HERE COMES THE PROBLEM, Fiverr does not/has not/will not/ or cannot put in place a system in which to weed out cancellations

Their current system does not have any “set moderator”. The only time a cancellation request is reviewed is if YOU submit a request. In other words, there is no option for you or the buyer to say this was a mistake; cancel the order and don’t count this towards the stats. Of course this opens ANOTHER potential scam in cancelling orders that should not have been. So it very well may be a possibility that Fiverr does have the capability, but felt that the current system was the lesser of two evils.

Long story short, Fiverr wants you to hit the new standards to make them more money. They do not have the current capability to implement a system that can accurately review cancellations. Therefore, Fiverr has a “Catch all” cancellation system. They figure that some sellers who did nothing wrong, will get burned/demoted on the cancellations and the 90% rating. These cancellations/demotions are of little importance compared to the projected monetary gains it wishes to achieve by a majority of sellers now upping their game to hit the new standards.


Hey if they followed through with what it says in the ToS, then YES!


I know. This is why I refuse to agree to cancel orders like this.

I can’t even understand what must go through someone’s mind to spur them to behave like this. I buy on Fiverr and even if I did (although I don’t see how I could) order by mistake, I would be terrified to request cancellation in case I got myself reported.

I hate bad thieves. If you are going to be a conman, you at least need to be a clever conman. People like this just tarnish the name of cool criminals.


Getting demoted (through no fault of your own) is not better than any of the other options available. :wink:

Being demoted, for any reason, isn’t to be wished on anybody.

Completely agree with @loganstover BTW! :slightly_smiling_face:


Lots of people think that there are no laws or rules on internet…

Or, they are used to violate laws and not being catch, so they continue.


This shouldn’t even be a decision a seller should have to make.


I just don’t know how some people manage to survive in this world.

Following on from this buyer starting their order with: give me article about cryptocurrency

I now deliver the order ( a generic article about cryptocurrency ) and get the following revision request:

“hello sir
write on cryptocurrency about traffic on fiveer gig
i use blog for traffic my gig.”

First, there are no revisions with this order. The main thing is, though, how is this person even getting away with selling (writing) gigs on Fiverr? They are the freelance equivalent of a tin man holding an umbrella under an electricity pylon in a lightning storm. - But with 5 star reviews.

Anyway, I am thinking of having some fun with this. I don’t think that this ‘buyer/seller’ understands cryptocurrency or English all that well. In this case, I am thinking about appeasing this revision request by including terms like: "We have successfully helped launch several leading ICOs like ManureCoin, EuthanasiaCoin, and Ourbestscamyet (OBSY). Order now exclusively at Fiveer!"


How much did this wonderful person pay for the order?


$15. Curiously, I now also have a person addressing me by name and from the same country (who has just signed up to Fiverr, naturally), trying to get me to write 2,500 words for $25.

Getting demoted to level 1 is like getting diagnosed with plague. You seem to get flies coming at you from everywhere.