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This order will be marked as completed in 3 days

Hi everybody, I just completed my order and also deliver it. it was said when I was delivering the order “THIS ORDER WILL BE MARKED AS COMPLETED IN 3 DAYS”.But still, I didn’t get any feedback or any revision or anything else.And also my balance is zero. What should I do now


Usually it takes 3 days for the order to marked as completed from the time of your delivery.
For the payment, it usually takes 2 weeks to process.

Good luck mate! :sunglasses:



You won’t get anything in your revenue until it’s complete and then you will have to wait a couple weeks for you to have it in your account.

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If buyer review it marked as completed instantly. If do not review it will be marked as completed on 3 days.(72 hours from delivery time.

You get the money withdrawable after 20 days. It is the system for security.


3days (means 72 hours) if client did not marked as complete or request for review. after completing 72 hours of delivery, your order will be auto marked as completed by fiver and you will get your revenue. but you can withdraw it after 15days.


No problem. When you Delivered a order then fiverr get 3 day times to process this order. If your buyer accept your order within 3 days after delivery then this order complete any time within 3 days and you get a review & feedback. If your complete your order automatically but you don’t get any review and feedback, don’t worry, your buyer able to give you review within 15 days. :grinning::grinning::grinning:


@marouan_designe, I’m not sure if you noticed this when you left a reply, but this post is 3 years old and moderators usually don’t like to having new replies to really old posts!

But to answer your question, the order will be auto-marked as completed 3 days after you submit a delivery!

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Ooh 3 years!! I really don’t saw this, i only see the date (17 oct)
Thank you so much for your answer

yes. when you deliver order, the time starts for 72 hours. if buyer doesn’t ask for revision within 72 hours, order will be auto marked completed.

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I also got confused a few times when I started Fiverr. Its not 17th October. Its October 2017. When you hover the mouse over the date, it shows exact date and time.

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Thank you i will be careful next time

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