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This order will not be auto-completed by FIverr

I just read this before delivering an order to my buyer.

We’re giving you more options

Orders which are auto-completed by Fiverr lead to lower ratings and less satisfaction. That’s why we will not auto-complete this order. Instead, you’ll be able to remind the buyer you’re awaiting their feedback, or complete the order yourself. Buyers know they have three days to respond before the order is marked as complete.


Thanks for Sharing :smiley:

can you make sense out of this and also help me know what is it about? Please.

This feature must have been roled out only for some sellers :roll_eyes: :thinking:

Mine was auto-completed by Fiverr just yesterday - and 4 days after delivery :flushed: (maybe zone time thing? :thinking:)

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Now you’ll have to complete your orders yourself. In 3 days after it was delivered you’ll receive a notification and an option to either contact the buyer/ask them if they need anything else or close the order.


Hi, thanks for the info but I didn’t get any notification or option for doing so. Past the third day, I was wondering if I had to complete it myself and how to do it but the order still showed “this order will be completed in 3 days” or something like that.

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I was answering the OP’s question. If you still have the auto-complete feature, congrats (and I’m honestly jealous).

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Oh, sorry! I thought you were talking to me :flushed:

Thanks for your congrats but I’m not really sure which one is worst :persevere:

You can contact CS about this. It looks like a glitch that has something to do with removing the old auto-complete system and introducing the new “do it all yourself” system. I’ve seen someone having a similar issue on here.

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Well, I believe the auto completion was better!


I don’t know where you’re getting this info from but for me, the orders are still autocompleting.

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I’ve been manually completing my orders for what it feels like two months and I’ve hated every second of it so far.

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What do you hate most about it

I feel for you, I honestly do. Contact support and tell them you dislike the new system. It might help.

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Oh, I wrote them a lengthy letter when it first came up. They thanked me for my contribution. :slight_smile:

  1. Looking at every client on an individual basis and trying to figure out if any of them will have an aggressive reaction to me closing the order myself every time.

  2. Messaging them right away when the order is placed to explain how the delivery process works and what will happen in 3 days if they stay unresponsive and where they can reach me afterward. Getting engaged in longer conversations if they have anything to say about that.

  3. Having an order or two at the bottom of the queue that could have been closed 2 days ago but I forgot about.

It just feels like more work every time but not the kind of work I’ve planned to sell on here.

That being said, my stats haven’t changed from what I can see. So statistically, it didn’t improve anything nor did it make anything worse.


As I see it, this is the only difference and not quite a good one :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Edit: In Nº1, just change “myself” for “Fiverr”

I’m making deliveries almost everyday but I’ve never seen such a thing.

May be they are rolling this out slowly.

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This will be very annoying seriously. I am looking forward to contacting the customer service. I hope they will shift back to the previous methodology of enclosing an order automatically. This way atleast we (the sellers) would never be blamed for shutting the order down.