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This place cracks me up

So, about 4 months ago I found a seller’s work that I liked and I wrote to her with a question. Forgot about her but finally heard from her today. All “she” said was, ‘hi.’ That was the entirety of her message to me. Lol.

I do wish fiverr could vet sellers better. :o/


Maybe she is very busy person. She has lot of work when you send message to her.

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Possibly, but I think that is unlikely. Why would she only say, ‘hi?’ She could have asked about the gig or indicated she had been too busy to reply before, but was now ready to work. Anyway, it’s just how fiverr is.

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Fiverr is a BIG place. It isn’t Fiverr’s responsibility to ensure that the sellers you choose to work with are awesome sellers. You have the ability to do that on your own. Fiverr is merely a place where any freelancer can host their services. Fiverr does police things, and weeds out those who break the rules, but it isn’t their responsibility to make sure you are happy with the seller you have chosen to contact or hire.

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“it isn’t their responsibility to make sure you are happy with the buyer you have chosen to contact or hire.”

First of all, I’M the buyer. And I didn’t ask them to make me happy, only that they do a better job of vetting. Buyers such as myself find so many shenanigans going on at fiverr, it drives us to other sites.


My apologies. I meant seller. I have corrected my word choice in my original comment.

Like I said, that’s not Fiverr’s responsibility. You have the ability to research your own choice of seller before you choose to contact or hire them. Consumers do this in the real world, why wouldn’t you be required to do the same as a buyer here on the global freelance market that is Fiverr?

Fiverr vets all Pro Sellers, and they review every single gig (mostly to weed out rule- breakers) before they are allowed into the search results.

I’m sorry to hear that. Perhaps you are not doing a thorough enough job researching sellers. It’s not hard to find the great sellers, as long as your willing to look beyond the surface. The bad sellers tend to stand out like a sore thumb – i.e., terrible grammar, images stolen from the internet, representing themselves with photos of celebrities and pretty girls (also stolen from the internet), etc. All of these things can be researched on your end. You just have to be willing to do a little leg work.


Sadly, the one word “Hi” is a thing here at Fiverr.

We get
and then nothing for hours. Sometimes days, even weeks!

Usually the more experienced sellers don’t do that and respond pretty quickly when you message them. I hope you get a reply right away when you message someone next time!


Thanks, zeus. I made a thread a while back stating that after a long break from fiverr (due to frustration) I had come back several months after messaging a number (dozens) of sellers and found that even after that amount of time had passed, none had ever answered! Lol. It’s the nature of the beast, unfortunately. What I am looking for is an illustrator/s and it is very, very difficult (surprisingly so!) to find one who draws the style you need, ‘gets’ what you want and will actually do the work. I did find a great illustrator once, but unfortunately she did only one picture for me then quit fiverr! She wasn’t even able to finish my project. I have spent hours upon hours looking for and reaching out to illustrators but I have found a number of them are scam artists in one way or another. I even reached out to a seller that had over 400 five star reviews and he never did answer back. I understand that the top people must stay very busy, but it still surprises me that they don’t at least use an auto reply of some sort stating they are booked up. Anyway, I hope you’re business is good. Thanks for responding.

Nowadays buyers need to REALLY do a thorough search - to help ensure they make an informed decision about who they choose to work with.

Reality is @jonbaas is totally correct in saying fiverr as a company isn’t responsible for ensuring a buyer chooses the right seller… you really do need to do some research and make an informed decision.

Listings categorically - are not reliable - first page may have a new seller with 4 reviews and a 3.9 star rating that is “recommended” and the 17th page might have a 8 year seller with 5000 + positive reviews and a 5 star ranking (me) lol :rofl::joy:The same applies for the “Best Selling” category! They’re simply inaccurate and not reflective of reality.

Perhaps fiveer is working on ways to ensure categories are reflective of reality- I am hoping so… It would be a wonderful thing for buyers to be able to sort through listings that had some type of structure and accuracy - to help them make the best decision about who to work with,

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Perhaps you could offer me some tips to better research sellers? In my opinion, I have spent copious amounts of time looking for and contacting the sellers I am interested in, but still found the vast majority lacking. Maybe you can give me examples of what you mean. Thanks.

Yeah, that’s what I meant about doing a better job of vetting.

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I already did: …

Yes, I have lamented those points in former threads. The problem is, so very many of the gigs are like that. Being that this is a world wide marketplace, I don’t expect every seller to use perfect English grammar. Since I am interested in illustrators, all I really care about is their drawing talent and if we can at least communicate well enough to be understood.


If you’ve been looking for months, and still haven’t found what you are looking for, perhaps Fiverr just doesn’t have the kind of style illustrators you need.

I’m a busy person. If I bother to answer a message, it won’t be with “hi.”

It will be with:
“Hi, how can I help you?”
“What do you need?”
“You can order directly from my gig.”

The other day I got a weird message, I responded with a list of my gigs. Never heard from him again, I think he wanted me to make money outside of Fiverr.

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Alot of us sellers are so packed with orders that it is difficult to respond to EVERY single message that we get. And most of the times when we do answer your questions you end up not buying from us anyways.
With the new Fiverr response rates we are kind of forced to respond to everyone now.

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I get at least a dozen or more messages per day. If I’m really busy, or working on several things at once, I might just say hi, intending to come back later. I try to use a pre-written response at least but there are times when I am too distracted. I don’t make a habit of it.

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