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How long did it take to get your first order? I haven’t received any orders yet. So, what can I do? I’m very depressed.

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To find the market
Promote your gigs on social media.

Don’t be depresses, it thus happens. Just Keep promoting your gig and order will come.

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Every seller’s path to success is different. Knowing how long it took us to get our first order isn’t going to help you. If you want orders, you are going to have to find your target customers, understand their needs, determine how you can solve those needs, and then find ways to encourage those target customers to hire you. There is no guarantee of orders here on Fiverr. You are still going to have to find ways that connect your to YOUR target market, and bring in the customers who need what you have to offer.


Learn everything about fiverr, creating gigs etc. Read the forum, there are a lot of good posts. ANd then, getting the first order means nothing. Even if you get it right away, it doesnt mean that the orders will not stop after few months. IT was the case for me. So always, always look for ways to improve, to correct, to learn. Learn and be patient.