This Really Has to Stop


Yet again, I have just discovered an order not in my dashboard with just a few hours left before I need to deliver it.

I’m sorry but if you spend all day working, you don’t always remember to check your sales via your manage sales page. This bug is decimating my delivered on time ratio (right now down to 87%) on the very day that Fiverr announces it’s going to start demoting people with less than stellar stats.

This is not a bug report. This is a rant that level changes or not, nothing round here ever gets blooming fixed! The response rate bug has been here since 2014! I’ve been blighted by this new bug for nearly 3-weeks now.

What kind of forward-thinking organization just lets bugs like this pile up while also announcing that they are going to start penalizing sellers for not meeting certain standards?

This is just absolute madness.


Fiverr really needs to start responding to all this feedback already. Try contacting support directly.


I never got into the dashboard feature because of all the bugs. I use my inbox page, notifications dropdown, and manage sales page instead.

I do wish I could use the dashboard rather than checking three separate places, but it’s just not reliable.


I use my order page exclusively and never look at the dashboard.


Wait, we have a dashboard? :wink:


Hey, my response ratio dropped by 20% because I took 8 hours to get back to some messages. You’re right. They need to fix these bugs before implementing new things.


Why don’t you focus on using the manage sales page. I believe that should solve your missing an order issue. As per the other falling stats, I am even far more worried than you. I missed replying just a single message a couple of days ago and am down to 89%.


This does solve it. And everyone commenting so far is right. How stupid of me to struggle to change a 3-year method of working when I can just compensate for this problem with two extra mouse clicks or three extra swipes on my tablet?

Let there be more bugs I say. That way, basic 'why do things never get fixed on Fiverr’ rants, might start landing a little closer to home as bugs affect more people directly rather than encouge mass, ‘why do you even use that silly old control center part of Fiverr anyway’ cynicism.



You know, just get a custom made snow globe, put it next to your laptop and every time you get to work, first shake the bug globe, which then will remind you of checking your manage sales page instead of your dashboard. Easy.


You’re a genius! Stick a Fiverr logo on that and you have the hottest shop on Etsy.


Working on it. Unfortunately, the Fiverr seller I bought a gig from to develop the smartphone app that will remind you to shake the bug globe, didn´t deliver yet. Probably didn´t think of checking his manage sales page.


Reporting the bug does nothing. It just gets ignored and you’re given copypasta that doesn’t even relate to the bug at hand. Same goes for most other bug reports, like super selling gigs with stellar ratings vanishing after editing them. :rage:


There are some glitches in the system. that has always been the case. But now it can affect the new ratings. I am showing as less than 100% response rate and delivery on time, but I have never missed a message nor missed a deadline.


i’ve been delivering my orders in time
but the delivered in time rate dropped automatically by 3% and when an order gets completed the order completion rate won’t increase but the cancellation make it go down.

with the upcoming level analysis this is a big issue
anyone else facing the same?


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