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This seems like a good site for

Hello and yes, I am new. I was wondering though, amid a myriad of philosophical pondering, about the indignity of shameless self-promotion and if at all, it is an acceptable premise here? I am a Blog writer, an article conveyor, an English language specialist, and a crafty, well-articulated story-teller. (All of those descriptions can be neatly filed under the category of an elaborate bullsh*t artist as well, if of course, you felt compelled to do so.)


Anyway, I’m just using this opportunity to say, howdy-do…this is Peter McAlister, the father, …well no, that’s not what I want to say. It’s just a memorable quote from Home Alone 2. Anyway, would love if at least one of you had a look at my new gig. cheerio.

Ohhhh…I could totally see that, just reading what you wrote up there had me hooked to continue reading up until the end. Bravo I’d say, since I don’t usually read long sentences…hahah :sweat_smile:

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