This seems strange


Hi Guys,

I have just had a few questions from a level 2 seller about one of my gigs… Anyone else think these circumstances are strange?

The user asking questions is a level 2 seller, I know for a fact that I am in a good niche which requires knowledge with the billing system I carry out my work on. The user has first asked me some questions so I have pointed him to the gig and said “send the requirements outlined in the instructions”. The user has now proceeded to ask me the details he needs (and doesn’t seem to understand the billing system anyway) and is asking if I will teach him how to do it for one gig.

Anyone think this is a seller trying to jump into my niche and try and get a quick buck? By the way there is nothing quick about what I do here on fiverr.




Tell him, “Thanks for the gig offer, but a good cook never gives away their recipes!” with a smiley and leave it at that. You don’t have to accept every gig you come upon.


I said about security of my niche and work carried out. Of course I would refuse as you say - I am not in fiverr for the money. He then came back at me saying on the subject of security I don’t want to give my passwords out. I assured him that I have 100% positive feedback for a reason and wouldn’t compromise that just to hack a website.


Actually she does if he orders. One of the many issues with selling on fiverr that should be addressed. The right to refuse service is something that would help a situation described by the OP here.

crcanny said: You don't have to accept every gig you come upon.


Originalh Couple of days ago, a Seller talked about the benefits of giving a repeated FIRM NO CONTINUALLY in respond to some kind of clients culpable inquires and offers.

But most respondent frown at the idea.

On my part, I strongly supported that idea with this statement 'wherever you go, wherever you be, do not say Yes where you ought to say NO!'

Never let anyone take advantage of you on here.

Stand firm and hold on to each of your decisions.


I am not teaching them it for 2 gigs - I have said I am experienced and have a web hosting company myself - they are now saying “conflict of interest” sharing their customer database with another web host - if he is really requiring this service then his customer database should probably be a few test accounts - otherwise he is trying to make a quick buck.