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"This Seller Cannot Be Contacted At This Time"


So, I take it that once I see this message, there’s basically no chance of ever getting in touch with them again? I recently made an order with a seller, poemqueen, and they said they were in the process of writing. I last talked to them two nights ago, then not two hours later, I go back to the inbox message thread and get the “cannot be contacted” message underneath the latest message. I’m particularly frustrated because the order was just a few days away from delivery and the seller and I were discussing it being the first of many, and now I can’t get in touch wit them – and their profile seems to be gone/inaccessible, too. Does that mean they may have gotten their account deleted? I don’t think I’ve been blocked…

Has this happened to anyone before?


Sounds like the seller got their account suspended.

If you can’t open their profile page, that’s probably the reason.

"username Cannot be contacted at this time" Please help

Yeah, that’s what I figured. Drat. Guess I’ll have to look for someone else.

Thanks for the reply.