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This seller copies my gig picture so shamelessly!

Hi everyone,

Check out: Fragglesrock

And then check out my gig:

I got this image designed by twistedweb123

I don’t know that someone can copy my image (and gig title) so shamelessly! Apart from complaining to CS, what else do you suggest?


Sheriffs note: Whilst we don’t condone copying gigs, I’m afraid we can’t allow calling out on the forum. Please can you direct this concern directly to our customer support team here: Thanks! Oz :slight_smile:

You can always message them, give them a heads up you’ve already contacted support and you’d appreciate it if they would remove your image from their gig. I know how you feel, I can’t stand it when people try to copy my gig stuff.

consultantindia said: I don't know that someone can copy my image (and gig title) so shamelessly!

What makes you think that he copied your image? There is a possibility that he also went to the same designer for such work? (joking)

Anyways, if you had that much problem, you could have added a watermark of your Fiverr profile on that design!!

:slight_smile: Yes, i better add watermark from now on.

Thank you.

Reply to @accessgirl: I reported to CS, which is very slow these days but not this Sheriff! I felt approaching that seller would be useless when they dont even have the basic ethics of not copying others’ images.

Thank you.

Reply to @madmoo: Thank you @madmoo for the info. The sad part is that CS is yet to act on my request for the removal of that gig pic of mine from the gig.

Now, let’s figure out who is helping an unethical seller and punishing me, another seller and buyer, who paid to get that image done thereby helping another seller and Fiverr.

"Thank you for contacting us. Sorry for the delay, we’re experiencing a high volume of support requests on our end. Your ticket has been sent to our content editors to review and after further review, no action was taken as it’s not an exact copy of your gig image."

This is the response from CS so surprisingly! So Fiverr encourages you to steal other’s work, change the color and use it as yours. Why am i wasting my money trying to get better gig pictures like a fool?!! Thank you Fiverr for opening my eyes. Not only bad buyers, but bad sellers can also abuse other sellers using this insensitive platform.

Copycat gigs & images happen regularly. On another thread about this same topic, one of the sellers who got copied ordered the copied gig from the copycat! Then others posting in that thread decided to do the same thing. None of the copycats were able to satisfactorily complete the gig (for various reasons, but mainly because they really didn’t know how to do the gigs they copied; they must have thought they could do a half-a$$ed job and make lots of money), so what they got were increased cancellation rates and bad reviews-because they deserved bad reviews. Some of the people who got copied messaged the copycats, with a variety of results. One person whined that he really, really needed the money, and besides, the seller he stole the gig from was doing well and shouldn’t mind losing some work. Really! Some apologized and took down the copied gigs. So it isn’t exactly true that contacting the copycat won’t accomplish anything.

Fiverr didn’t do anything at all reg this except false promises that content review team would look into it blah…blah…blah…

Finally, your suggestion has worked. Contacted that seller questioning his professionalism and he immediately suspended that gig of his.

I am not sure how Fiverr has become so popular with all such nonsense and arrogance.

Hi madmoo

Is it a good idea if we change gig image? Is there any role of gig image in search results?
The thing is i want to my gig images. But i can’t decide if it’s a good idea or not. I read somewhere that the gig image can drop or up your gig in search results.