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This Seller will not leave me alone!

I’m a new seller and buyer.I decided to purchase a logo from someone on here. I wasn’t that pleased with it to be honest. I could’ve done better myself, but I thought I’d not give her a bad rating, I wouldn’t want anyone doing it to me especially starting out. Well I gave her 3 stars originally. She has messaged me numerous times between yesterday and today to get me to change my rating to 5 stars. I checked again and just now she messages me to change my “thanks for the logo” comment. I guess she wants me to lie or something. explained if she messaged me again, I’d modify and tell the 100% truth and give her one star.

How do I stop this from happening in the future? I hate to be unkind, but frankly I’m annoyed. thanks

What made you give her 3 stars instead of say 4 or 5? Because 3 stars isn’t the “best” review if you were pleased. Was her service bad?

There is a 'Report" button under the message you can click that. It will prevent her from contacting you again. Sometimes you have to do do it twice if another message comes through.

If everyone reviews sellers honestly then this site would get a lot more business, the rubbish sellers would fall to the bottom and the best would rise to the top. If a seller hassled me for a review I would say it in the comment and if it was more than once I would report them to CS. Between the constant ridiculous expectation of 5 star reviews by sellers and the demand of some buyers looking ONLY at those with 100% ratings, it has led to reviews being misleading at times. Some sellers cancel for anything less than 5 stars, others like the one above demand and harass buyers.
I have a regular client who gives me 4, 5 or no review each time. Could i ask them to give me 5 each time, seeing as its been around 15 orders of $20+ and we get on well? Of course, and they would probably do it too but I dont see that as an appropriate thing to ask, they can review how they see fit.

I wish people would just give honest ratings based on the end product and a comment about their experience with the seller. Would make life so much simpler for me as both a buyer and seller.

I wasn’t pleased. I told her this. She sent me 3 more of the same basic “logos” and I told her fine because I knew I’d end up making it myself. As not to be mean, I gave her 3 , because she did try but in the end, she failed and I told her that.

I didn’t realize 3 stars was bad. I am pretty new here. Next time I will make sure rate the right way.

I’m sure every single person on this site was new at one time or another. I know better for next time.

Thank you. I warned that if she messaged me again, I would go back and write more on my comment and make that rating even lower.

Thanks for the advice most of you gave. I didn’t ask for critique of how I rated. I simply asked how to stop this from happening in the future. Everyone is human and makes mistakes. By the way, this was my very first time ordering on Fiverr. Regardless of what, I’ll rate fully next time and comment my exact thoughts.

Report her to customer support as well, that’s harassing and unprofessional behavior to ask someone to change their review!

It’s not that bad at all, it’s actually more honest than most would give, sellers on here get uppity if they don’t get 5 star reviews because a lot of them think they do and send perfect work ALL the time! Everyone is human and sometimes mistakes happen, no one is perfect, so don’t let a seller try and extort you for a great review if you feel they didn’t do a good enough job, if you honestly feel it deserves 3 stars then leave it as is, the seller can have a whinge to customer support and try and dispute it if they want? :slight_smile:

When you don’t like the work, the polite thing to do is demand a revision, if you think the seller is incapable of delivering a quality revision, then click resolution center and start the refund process. Believe me, you’re not doing us any favors when you give us 3 stars. Maybe that logo wasn’t good for you, maybe it will be good for someone else.

As for the harassment, tell her that if she doesn’t stop messaging you, you will report her to customer service. Or stop answering her messages.

I learned the hard way that buyers are very dangerous when angry or annoyed, and the last thing you want is to start a fight that could result in the messaging feature being suspended until you beg customer service to undo the suspension.