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THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO ANY ONE - quality of people have gone down hill -and we're paying for it

go ahead -

made me wait 10 days to tell me that - they don’t do cartoons - when in fact that’s not what was asked.

an icon for the logo - which he/she showed that they have done for logo’s - hence their portfolio

i’m been coming across a lot of horrible - low quality work lately from fiverr on logo design.

all people wanting to charge extra for this file and that file - but the quality of work and follow through has gone down hill.

i want to know if there’s anyone checking - and reprimanding these people when things like this happen.

because i would think that when someone is Level 2 or highly rated - that i’m going to be able to trust this person to do the work.

i can’t seem to find out how to contact Fiverr directly to explain things - so that’s why it’s here.

please excuse me if it seems like i’m ranting – sorry, i’m just really upset - i never had any issue with fiverr gigs - actually until people started wanting for money for their work…lol

would’ve thought quality would be better when that happened.

Fiverr - contact me - let me know what’s going on - right away

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