This site is full of bullies :(


I have lost a little faith in my self and my business today I have had a lot of orders recently but the last 2 buyers have just been impossible to deal with I canceled one order after he said that he didn’t like the mix of his song ( his song was horrible from the start I don’t know what he thought I could do but I can only polish so much it sounded like he made it on a 20$ keyboard from a garage sale so after working 3 hours on this and getting nothing for it I was mad but I shook it off and went back to work.

then the next day I had someone who asked me to sing a song for them and say thank you and goodbye to all his party guests I did this exactly and then revised it 3 times and then today I get a thumbs down saying I did not deliver and wants his money back. the dude just wanted me to give him a song for free.

I am so tired of people taking advantage on this site I now have 88% rating on my gig and it hurts just thinking about it. I have worked hours and hours for just 4 bucks and it does not seem to matter for a lot of buyers this is just my rant about how my trust for people has plummeted.

please if anyone else has extremely hard to deal with buyers let me know how you deal with them???

just got a message from cp and this is what anna said

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately we can’t remove the feedback from this order, you’ll have to get your buyers permission to remove it. Please contact them again, explain that your work was fully delivered and ask for their permission to remove negative review.

You’ll be happy to know that the effect of any feedback fades with time if you continue to work well and deliver with positive results.

Best regards,


I am just sad:(


I am sorry to hear about your misfortune, but I have to say that saying the site is FULL of bullies is incorrect. I have some wonderful clientele, and have only had one problem in the past, which I resolved quite easily. You will never be able to make everyone happy, but most people on this site are great if you produce quality work and communicate with them when something is not as expected.


Sorry to hear you’ve had to deal with some difficult buyers, although they are rare on Fiverr, they do exist, like with any other business.

I’d suggest getting in contact with the buyer. As you have already redone 3 times, you can always suggest a refund in exchange for the removal of their negative feedback. This should only be done as a last resort and if the buyer really isn’t happy (and agrees to it). This would have to be done through Fiverr Support.

Maybe look into why your buyer wasn’t happy, were your instructions clear? Perhaps you could try and simplify your gig, make sure it’s clear what they’re getting for $5. You could also send them a sample of the work before you send the order, to make sure they’re happy before they leave feedback, I know quite a few Fiverr artists do this as they sometimes have to do revisions too. However, if you’re spending hours on one order, perhaps it’s time to create some new gigs, put your prices up or re-evaluate your gig.

It can be frustrating when dealing with a difficult buyer but trust me, there are a LOT of lovely buyers out there! If you can’t get the feedback removed, bury it with positive feedback and your % will soon go up :slight_smile:


I’d go back to customer support and ask them to check the order and see that you delivered the work on time and ask them once again to review the false statement left by the buyer.


These types of buyers are rare, but they’re out there. Similar to theft in a retail store, you will have people essentially steal your work. It’s part of the cost of doing business, but there are things you can do to mitigate the risk.

It helps to deliver a sample of your work first (before marking the order as delivered). For your song remixes and composed music, maybe you can only give them the chorus or a main part to see if they like it. Sure, they can still cancel, but if they do at least they don’t get usable work. For songs, you could also add in a voiceover or something that comes up every 3 seconds, and you’ll remove it after the work is delivered and they are happy.

This allows for them to first review the work and they cannot leave negative because the work hasn’t been delivered. Then, if they say they like it and you deliver or they have a problem, they already agreed to liking it.

Keep with it, looks like you have a great product!


Yeah CS doesn’t really care about your situation or how you got where you are. I’d say stick it out and try to come back. It’s discouraging but you can do it. Don’t expect fiverr CS to help you though.


I’d also recommend seeing how you can tweak your gig slightly so that you’re not doing hours of work for 4 dollars. I know it’s not possible for every service, but the point of Fiverr (from my perspective anyway) is to provide small services - services that won’t take you too much time or energy to complete - at the base gig level. Once you’re able to offer gig extras, then you can start offering slightly more complex services as add-ons (and you’ll have the opportunity to earn more than $4 for that extra effort). But in terms of the base gig, I’d keep it super simple so that you don’t feel you’re out tons of time for only $4.

My gig (minus the limited time bonus) takes about 10 min. to complete. With the bonus, it takes a little longer but nothing beyond 30 min. That way if someone decides to try and scam me out of $4, I haven’t put so much time in that I really feel shafted.


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Reply to @vedmak: Too right mate!


Its easier than that. I have dealt with so many thick headed buyers its ridiculous. I dont Kiss their butts here on fiverr or in the forums.

In this world , and on … you need to cover your butt… Put rules and guidelines in your gig descriptions … Limit the amount of retakes (its only $5 for christ sakes) … Tell people to ask questions before they order … State what you will NOT do or what warrants a re-take if you make a mistake… stick to your guns.

These people will take advantage of you but I’m a lvl 1 seller now with hundreds of orders dealing with hundreds of herpaderp buyers…

I’ve got one that asked me to re-take a video cause I’m wearing my hat in it. The instructions when you buy the gig state exactly this

"Hat will usually be on for the video unless you ask otherwise."

But that is not good enough cause people choose not to read. I dont have to give a free re-take for this and I wont. Its not my fault and I’m sticking to it .

You can let fiverr aggrivate and frustrate you or lay your ground rules , stick to your guns , and detach from getting too emotionally attached to it. You can put a list of rules in your sample gig’s pictures… you have at least 2 good slots… Just make sure you point the blind buyers TO THOSE PICS so they can read it all. People just dont know how to read anymore. Dont let that bother you… cover your bases.

Good luck!

PS: Also , dont worry about leveling up … you dont make any more money. Ive had no problems telling people to order my gig multiple times to add up to their total.


Reply to @easy_button: I like the way you think. I work harder than I should sometimes. I gotta find a way to keep my friendly demeanor but apply more rules at the same time. Great comment man!


Add a little background music and tell him that you will send clean version after the feedback


Reply to @kymmypops: ya I am going to refund I wouldn’t mind the negative feed back as much if he didn’t just lie and say I did not deliver that makes me sound like a scammer :frowning:


ya I am being a little dramatic I am over this now my energy is best spent on my work


Reply to @easy_button: I completely agree. To that end though, it would be nice if Fiverr would allow a longer description so that we’d have the ability to include everything related to the description of our gigs as well as “terms” or “rules” for the gig. I have this info on my site, but since we can’t link to external sites in any way it doesn’t really help the folks who might find my gig directly on Fiverr.