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This site is scam and a time waster

It has been three months, since I created a fiverr profile, and I have not received a single gig impression! I am starting to feel this site is a scam!
I cant post a buyer request or a seller request, whatever that is… and I dont see anyway to directly share my profile to anyone.
This site is a hellhole. @fiverr your ux/ui is terrible, no way to navigate easily, and almost every other website gets you some sort of click in the first post, but not here! This place operates like facebook, or worse.


Agreed! I bid you farewell

Just out of curiosity though: How exactly have you been scammed here?


it’s a good marketplace will be a success when you will be a patience person.

It took me about three months to get my first gig, and even then I only made 5 dollars. You may need patience to work on fiverr, because once things take speed, you might be overwhelmed. Just make sure your profile and gigs are well presented, appreciate that there are those who came before you and went through the same feeling, understand that no one trusts your work yet then be patient. Don’t even delete your account, just move on as you wait for your first order. You will then discover the professional side of fiverr, make some awesome colleagues and get your chums. Practice patience, all will be well, assuming you are really great at your job


mmmm, less competition


single gig impression

Do you know what impressions are?

In order for this to be possible, your gig must be inactive. Impressions are just when your gig shows up on a page in search. People don’t have to click on your gig for you to gain an impression.

I cant post a buyer request

Buyer requests are for buyers to post their projects, which sellers then respond to offering their services. You can’t post a new request unless you’re in ‘buying’ mode. There is a button specifically for switching modes and it’s at the top of every Fiverr page when you’re logged in.


Also, you never did answer how exactly you got scammed. Fiverr accounts are free to make and use.


what services you provide ? I saw your profile but didn’t get them ?
Oh, I am surprised why is your profile is still active ?

where did you try to post Seller Request ? :open_mouth:

Three of your four gigs rely on 100% accurate English language.

While your written English is actually very good, it is also far from native - which is what you claim in your profile.

You will therefore find that true native English speakers / writers are unlikely to use you as they can see and sense that something isn’t quite right.

Also, and I don’t necessarily agree with this although it is reality, anyone looking for an English based skill is likely to turn to US and British sellers.

Therefore the problem isn’t with Fiverr as a platform. The problem, I would suggest, is that your gigs aren’t quite up to the standard required for the services you are advertising.

It’s very easy to blame someone else. But it’s often wiser to look closer to home for the answer.


You’re not entitled to anything here, just like in real life. Now if you work hard, you will eventually draw customers to the site.

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@ayishe, your profile image was taken from the internet. :roll_eyes: