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This smells fishy to me. Thoughts?

I bid on a specific buyer’s post for a Telephone voiceover. The buyer came back with the response:

“Sorry, someone got the job already, but I have another one for you. My client want you to verify his zoosk account with a USA number. You will login to Zoosk and verify the phone number, that is all, I will provide the login details, send me a $5 offer.”

What is this? A type of Bait-N-Switch? Of course, I did not accept the job.

Yup. Be sure to reply “No Thanks” THEN hit the report button.


Thank you liquidlettuce. Will do.

Not really. Just a request for something illegal (he basically needs you to fake his client’s location). Definitely report it.


Thank you catwriter. I reported it a few minutes ago.


It always boggles my mind how these folks think they can get away with this stuff for any period of time.
It’s about as smart as walking into a public place and yelling “bomb” Yer gonna go down.

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A lot of desperate people would accept to do it, that’s how. Once the “client” gets caught, he just creates a new account and finds another desperate person to do it.

I don’t want to think about his reasons to fake his location on a dating site.


Don;t you need to link your account to a new paypal/bank account to do that? That’s the hard part.

I’ve previously had encounters with a few of suspicious buyers. One said he was producing a cartoon and needed “auditions” and a CV to apply. Finally got him to admit he was producing porn, and even updated his photo with someone I actually knew!!! Nailed him.

One other buyer tried to make me an “offer” on what he would pay me after I quoted him a price. Then, he literally wrote back and told to F-off.

Then there was another who told me that he would only give me $xxx amount of money for his job and that I COULD NOT decline his offer because he was non-profit and I had to do the job, and that he was a Fiverr Admin. Reported him and they immediately shut him down.

The waters here can be very murky, indeed. Thanks for both of your input.


Run for the hills or mountains :mountain::mountain_snow: and don’t look back. :running_woman: