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This song will most definately touch you



Alas, no. That did not touch me. The lyrics, though no doubt meaningful for the singer, were not enough to move me. To be honest, the song itself was more annoying than sad. The mix of rap and a guy sobbing just didn’t draw me in. It was too practiced… too prepared. To superficial.

On the other hand, THIS is one of the saddest, most emotional songs that I have ever heard. It remains one of my favorites, and shows how powerful raw emotion can be:

Turn up your sound, and let the gut-wrenching, spine-tingling pain and sadness sink in.

You’re welcome.


I played this one more than I can count! :heart_eyes:


And this one is the most touching soundtrack for me:


this video touches me … it touches my ribs and makes me laugh :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: xD!!! the Lol sound xd


what is happening in the world :joy:


I love Vitas for this one:

Superhuman level being. :heart_eyes:


Ahhh, musica :star_struck:


Itz soo nice… hehehehehe


It’s been 84 years since the season ended throwing shade at Titanic

Anyway, don’t know if Ten is known around here but this one…right…in…the…feeeeeeeeeels