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This subcategory is no longer available

I am trying to Create Video Editing GIG
But I am Facing This Error.
“This subcategory is no longer available. Please choose another”

I am waiting For Your Reply!



I am having this same issue

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Same here! I’m not able to create a new Gig.

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Yea, I’m having the same issue, even tried changing categories but still nothing

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Same here. I am also having this issue.

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Same issue, i cant create a new gig!!

I am facing the same issue. Did anyone figure out the solution?

Same ! hahaha i guess this is the end of fiverr? lol

The problem is fixed. Btw, I guess that was due to UI/UX changes just applied to all the Fiverr notifications. Please continue your work fixing the platform bugs, as it’s still much to do. Thank you guys!

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I am trying to solve this issue. But I don’t know how … :disappointed_relieved:

Any update? I am facing the same problem till now.