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This Thread is to report and make us aware of Buyers Scammers

We all know that it’s very hectic to deal with scams when it comes to buyers doing it.

The most common reason for this is Fiverr do not as smoothly support us as they support buyers.

The least they do is ask us to cancel the gig anyway, so even after a dispute or contacting CS and proofs, our hard work goes in vain.

So, why can’t we help each other instead and at least be aware of such buyers?

Why don’t we report them here in the thread so that whenever one of us get skeptic about the buyer,

we can Ctrl + F (find) that buyer username here and see if the buyer is in the list and rest assured?

Moreover, if the buyer is cheating any one of us, we can report them with all the evidence here in your thread reply?

So, if you think this is something would work better. Do contribute to this initiative or share your thoughts.

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We cannot name and shame buyers here.

And even if we could there are millions of buyers so it is not likely a username would happen to be on the list here and also buying a gig from the limited number of users of the forum.

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But the scammers are few right? What if this thread we collect enough data over time? It might be helpful, at least this thread can motivate those who are scammed. No?

It is against the forum rules to do that. Sorry.

oh sorry, I didn’t know that. Thank you for the info. :slight_smile:

You are most welcome! :slight_smile:

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Nice thoughts but as misscrystal said we cannot name them.

Yes unfortunately. :disappointed:

I’m sure you could find some off-Fiverr resources about this. There are tons of Fiverr related Facebook groups, for example, and I’m sure some are focused on revealing what they consider to be bad sellers or bad buyers.

One reason the forum rule exists is that if you name and shame buyers, we also have to allow buyers to name and shame sellers. It would become a circus and you wouldn’t know in some cases if it was a competitor getting a friend to post something bad about a seller. Good luck!


One thing you can try doing is that you can rant about a seller that tried to ( or actually did)
scam you, just don’t mention the names.
I’ve seen someone do this in the past, but the person explained what gigs they offer, and then moved into the rant. He/she also added something like “Any other sellers who offer similar gigs like mine and want to know this buyer’s name, message me and I’ll let you know.”

I guess this is one method that can work…???

There are also these buyers who arbitrage your gigs elsewhere. These I believe make up 70% of all scammers.They usually want a free sample before starting any work.

I don’t like the free sample idea, unless it’s an existing sample and not one specially asked for (because that’s called a gig purchase), but don’t see anything wrong with anyone selling on our services.

To be honest, from the few problems I’ve had, I’ve had less problems from re-sellers than anyone else.


The thing is, many people do not know how to work with others - this applies to both buyers and sellers.
Some buyers demand too much from a seller and when the seller says no then the buyer says “that seller is bad”. Some sellers do work that is not good enough but they think it is and when a buyer complains or does not accept it then the seller says “that buyer is bad”.

Resellers can be great to work with but there are also some who can cause problems. Most of my regulars are resellers and I am very happy to work with them. Problems with resellers happen when the reseller doesnt know what they are doing. For example, I don’t work with SEO resellers because too often they dont know anything about it and promise unrealistic results for their clients and then complain when they don’t get them.

Samples should never be free. The prices on this site are so low that any serious buyer will be happy to pay $5 for a sample if they have a big job. If it is a small job then they are just being unreasonable asking for samples.


We can’t name buyers, sorry! Against TOS

You have strong points.
I’m thinking the poster won’t be able to take the help of friends if it will be like dispute, posting full proofs, instead of posting logical allegation against the buyer.

Wouldn’t it be a lot of work and even if sellers get to know the names of scamming buyers, eventually they will forget it after some time. It needs to be something like a big wall with the names on it, example a thread where one can find the names with one click.

I liked what @fonthaunt said, Fiverr related Facebook groups focused on revealing such buyers can be the best alternative way.

Yeah I agree, I too have had less to no problem with outsourcers.

I can relate to all that you said. And totally agree on points, resellers are great to work with. And yes it’s a hectic to work with buyers who comes with unrealistic expectations and they are a lot in numbers like most of them come to us with unrealistic expectations.

The funny thing is, when you will give them free consultation and try to logically explain them why it is unrealistic and what they should be doing or expecting they go away.

Apparently, those are the buyers who get scammed. For example, I get lots of buyers query who want to rank first on Google’s SERP for $5 or $50 per month within 3 months for the most competitive keywords (the keywords for which big brands probably invest thousands and millions on) :sweat_smile:

Yes… no way for us to save ourselves from scamming buyers. :cry: :sob:

I had my second scamming buyer ever a week ago and she had told me she was getting a refund from another seller in my category then she would get my gig.

So she did, and then as soon as I delivered it she wanted a cancellation saying she “changed her mind”. So I refused.

I wonder how many times she got the same things from sellers with that same money and got it refunded before she ran into me-- who refused and would not give her a refund.
She probably spent that money a dozen times, getting refunds, before me.

She spent an hour and a half threatening me every way she could think of to try to get the money back so she could continue on buying more gigs from my category.

Sellers need to say no to these people.

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