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One job sent me a picture of something that was already on the internet when I asked and paid for a customer graphic that I told them I would be printing on a product so it had to be original to avoid copyright issues… Lucky I caught it or
it could have cost me my business.

Second job was suppose to be done last week the designer marks it as delivered so he does not get the late delivery and then fails to send me any of my logos, suppose to be a total of 3.

Third strike a friend payed 2 weeks ago for a design that was suppose to take 3 days and still only has received on draft that was HORRIBLE and no revision yet…

FIVERR basically enables this with no way to report the seller. I have sent 3 emails to FIVERR and no responds. Now I have to contact Paypal and have them refuse payment.



Sorry to hear you have had a few bad experiences here on fiverr. I have to contend though this is a GREAT site for logo design and graphic work but you
MUST filter out the sellers to those who are TRS or have a ton of positive feedback. I have had a number of logos and graphic work done, our current logo was $5! You really have to spend the time and evaluate each seller and their feedback and portfolio.


This is a horrible site. I’m dealing with something right now and the customer service is protecting the seller, though there were criminal acts involved.

Oooh, criminal acts? Do tell! If you’re looking for sympathy, we need juicy details.

What kind of criminal acts?

Hurt feelings is alway a crime. :frowning:

That’s too bad you got burnt. Next time ask for screen shots of work in progress or ask to make small changes. If they can’t change the artwork they are probably copying it from somewhere.

I submitted a job to a seller,******, it’s my first request. It’s over a day late, but I can’t find any way to cancel the order. The Resolution page just keeps extending the time the Seller has to get the work done before I can cancel. Literally, 20 minutes ago the site said I could cancel the job in 6 minutes, and when I checked just now, I had only 11 minutes to go. So It appears Fiverr is protecting the Seller who is very, very late with the deliver, and hasn’t even started the work.

I’ve already done the work myself now, as I couldn’t wait any longer. I’ve tried to get in touch with the Seller several times, no answer. the Seller is “Top Rated,” of course. It was a simple Excel spreadsheet job.

So instead of saving time, I had to do the work myself, I can’t cancel the job, and the Seller ignores me. Total waste of time to try and use this site.

Admin Note: Sellers name removed but was a level 1 (not TRS) with a handful of reviews. Post is inaccurate.

a) you can’t “expose” people on the forum. This ain’t Witchhunter’s central
b) that person has 4/5 reviews from the same person
c) “top rated” sellers have a gold badge like mine. This is a cheating newb, most like
d) Just contact Customer Support. I don’t know why your cancellation is jumping about, but I can tell you I’ve never heard of it.

In short, you had a bad experience by picking someone with a major red flag. I imagine they couldn’t create whatever you needed and ran away instead of being honest, informing you ASAP and cancelling so you could find someone able to fill your request.

I am new to Fiverr (I am a buyer) and am in the process of having my first order completed. So far, my experience here has been nothing short of perfect!
I needed some music backing tracks created for stage work, discovered Fiverr, scrolled through the musicians/sound engineers, read all the comments I could find about them, contacted the one I chose and went from there.
The seller has blown me away already!
His work is very professional, unbelievably fast, and sounds far greater than I could have imagined and he is so easy to work with.
He is doing the final mix right now (I’ve had several drafts already) and I can’t wait to have it later today, so that I can make another, much larger order.
i think the buyer who started this thread was unlucky to have gone with a less than perfect seller, but also opened the door to disappointment in the first place by not doing his homework and thoroughly filtering the information available first.
As I said, this is my first Fiverr experience and so far, I am loving it!
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