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This week has been weird!


Must be the holidays. From one buyer telling me that my policy was ‘retarted’’ (his word) to another buyer asking me to do descriptions early for a month long gig because it was Black Friday and Cyber Monday and wondering why I finished so soon. Then this morning a third wanted me to do a ‘sample’ description for free,

Anyone else dealing with craziness? I’ve been on Fiverr for over a year and I’m a level 2 seller with 99% rating. I’m not a newbie.


I’ve never had so many $5 orders in my whole time on fiverr as I’ve had in the past week.

I have people messaging me from two different accounts, people demanding I explain what my gig is for, people demanding I deliver my orders within a couple of hours, yes it’s very weird.


I love Fiverr but I’m not sure what is going through some people’s minds.


I am just glad I don’t have to see some of these people in person or it would be a nightmare.


THANK YOU FIVERR for give me best earning platform here. God Bless


I got reported to CS yesterday buy a buyer who has spent 2weeks sending me random messages like “I need a video!”

First, they got an automated, ‘your request is too vague,’ reply. Then after two weeks of me encouraging them to read my gig description, I simply deleted the gig and told them that I no longer offer the service they are looking for.

To my amazement, the outrage caused by this aided my potential buyer by giving rise to quite sudden and altoghether remarkable English language fluency. They then used this new superpower to inform me how rude and discriminatory I am for refusing service, as well as how they were reporting me to CS asap.

Apparently, it’s now rude to tell someone that all the information they need is in already in a gig description.


Wow, that’s insane! I’m sorry that happened to you.


I see you have raised your prices above $5 on all your gigs. I’m in the process of doing that in an effort to head off some of these.

They realized they had you for a victim when you kept responding for two weeks. It’s difficult for me to ignore people too but it has to be done sometimes.


@misscrystal How should we deal with many $5 orders?


You won’t get many who will talk to you first, they just order anyway. You just do them.


#SAME I have no idea what’s going on. All I’m getting are the Houdinis or $5 orders…the only exceptions being my returning clients.


Exactly. though we mention in caps they gonna place an order and then asking this and that. next stop is cancellation. But cancellation is not good for the sellers what ever the reason is. So eventually we have to do it. (But some cases we must have to cancel the order when buyers are demanding lots of work for so low price )


What i mean is, sometimes when we already have many orders and at that time if i will get 2-3 orders for $5 having 24 hours delivery time,whats the approach you use to manage them or to keep them cool.


I work 20 hours a day.


It has definitely been a week for weirdness…it feels like the full moon has lasted 7 days :full_moon_with_face:


I am surprised :roll_eyes:


Wow :open_mouth:
I used to work 10-12, but I stopped it. It ruined my personal life and started to affect my health.


I only do that when I have a lot of orders so right now I’m bored and it’s now in the wee hours of the morning and I’m wide awake with nothing to do. I hate being idle. It’s been a couple days now without orders. I may try to go to sleep.


Sleep is good :slight_smile:
I need about 7-8h a day and I can somewhat function with 5-6h, but I learned it the hard way that you definitely need sleep.


Me too work 16-18 hours a day complete 30 days in a month