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This Week or Bust for ARS (abusive rating system)

It’s Monday morning where I live. I can’t help to think that this week is the week we will find out if Fiverr will be taking our concerns seriously or not. If we hear nothing back from Fiverr it pretty much tells me that they will ignore our concerns and we will be stuck with a one sided rating system that gives buyers the power to abuse hard working sellers.

Understand, Fiverr, this is only one tool buyers can use to abuse sellers – there are others – but for now our focus is on ARS (abusive rating system).

Make the playing field even Fiverr! Make sellers feedback show up in Buyer’s profile the same as buyer’s feedback shows up in sellers profiles.

And please, don’t insult our intelligence with excuses that sellers can see through. Your action, not words, is what we are looking for.

It’s Monday, have you seen your fiverr blog?

Yes, it is filled with misleading information today…

Reply to @anarchofighter: Do you think fiverr will just ignore us and carrying on?

I felt “shock”, “funny” and offended when I wake up and see the fiverr blog post of the TRS speak out for ARS.

I do not.

I think they’re doing what they believe is right.

They’re trying to put as good a face on this as possible. I also believe they sincerely wished for the best with this, however, even if it was good they batched the launch …and… I don’t believe it is good. I think it’s full of untended consequences that just don’t fit this $5 marketplace.

Having said that, I think it’s going to take a continued struggle and acts of solidarity to get it changed.

I for one am in for the marathon not the sprint.

How about you?