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This will get you the Fiverr Fortunes Spreadsheet for your Fiverr Business

I don’t know how much “real” interest there is in this.

However, if we sell a bunch of these, I may also go ahead and expand it. It’s really up to you…

(More on that in a moment).

I will also be using this “gig” as the way to do the January “test” / Trial of the search algorithm a few Fiverr sellers want to play with.

Let’s say if we sell 50 units, I’ll go ahead and have various kinds of monthly sales charts added on subsequent pages.

If we get 100 sales, I’ll hire someone who does Macros to do some really sophisticated/iterative stuff where you can know your top buyers, etc.

Here’s the LINK: or

Personally I have an interest in it. I’ve needed something for a spread sheet for myself since all I have right now is a personal plot generator for myself on access and needed to do a spreadsheet for sales too but this is a lot better than the idea I was gonna do. Once I get a chance I will definitely purchase the spreadsheet!

Thank you to the two orders. I’ll keep count here so we can know when the product will be upgraded for all buyers (past and future)

Definitely good so far. Helps me keep a lot better track of it all compared to my prior thing of going through the revenues tab on here all the time. Curious question though, with the frequency of buyers part will we get a frequency of each gig for the what category as well?

I don’t know what you mean by category, please explain.

And yes, provided the macro’s person can do it, I want to have us have access to all relevant relative data. Buyer Frequency may make the most sense to list in amount and then alphabetically (or maybe newness of order) for the same number) …

I’ll “do” whatever makes sense.

Sorry I guess I should have said cell or something instead of category. I was just meaning the cells where you can input the gig name or a description in. I guess for me to know how many times a gig was ordered would help later on down the line so I know which ones I should edit a bit better or which ones to get rid of because of a lack of income from those specific ones. Hope that makes sense.

Ah yes, definitely, you’ll know how many of each gig by the “slug” you use. That’s why you want to be consistent.

I also suggest, picking a slug to describe the gig that has a different first letter. That way, you will only ever have to type the first letter of the gig and the s/h will auto-fill the gig slug word.

Yea I am pretty lucky with having paperchild, short story and review basically being my names for them. Having a diverse set of gigs really do help.

Reply to: dracosama, It’s cool to see how you’ve turned my earlier post into a gig. Do I get a commission? (wink wink) :slight_smile:

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Did I? blank stare Which one? Sorry its one of those nights right now.

edit: Oh ok I know what you are talking about now. I didn’t turn it into a gig, I am just using it to track my gigs.

I have to check this out.

voiceoverwork said: t's cool to see how you've turned my earlier post into a gig.

I think you mean mean.

Reply to @anarchfighter Not sure what you “mean”.

Oh, typo.

“I think you mean me” I’m the one with the gig.

Reply to @anarchofighter Ah yes, so it is. Credit where credit is due. My most sincere apologies to all and and a humble recantation to fiverr dracosma.

Interesting. I’ve always wanted something like this rather then the default one dimensional Revenue report we currently have…

Feel free… Love to have you test it.

Dang… if only there’s an ‘Export to xls/csv’ feature on that Revenue report page, it’ll avoid the headache one have to go through copypasting one by one page by page ~X(

You could always hire one of the Virtual assistants to fill out your form, AND yes, I totally agree we need CSV export.

Nevermind… done copypasting all 20++ pages #:-S

Now, some earlier Gig Extras were separated into their own transactions !!&!@%$%!%$#!!.. need to merge and cleanup all those, then only I can start using your xls…