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Those $100 extras?


I’m currently on Vacation mode (happy dance! ) so I can pound through these 20+ orders this week… I thought I was on the top already… THEN while gig shopping I saw a seller with a $100 extra! OMG I could use that! LOL…

How do I get that extra on my gigs? What are the qualifications?


Hello.There is no qualification for adding extras to your gigs.I am quite surprised that you haven’t added extras to your gigs, when you are level 2 seller.You can go to your gig editor and add extras there.You can add anything as extra, which you think is worth paying for.For example, you could only offer 150 words of story for 5$ and ask the buyers to purchase an extra for additional 150 words.You can check your competition and consider emulating their extras.

@chimicawriting and @kjblynx I am sorry for misinterpreting your question.

Reply to @kjblynx: Thank you tons for that link :slight_smile: Now I just have to get TRS!

Custom quotes will allow you to also customize an order for a specific client. I use this more often. I don’t encourage large orders through my gig description and extras. It’s just a personal preference. It’s great that the system is flexible enough to use in many different ways.

You can really rock at level 2. You have all the tools that I use to take orders. You don’t have to wait. Continue to add more value in your offer and people will be willing to pay for the quality and the service. They also hire people they like, so just be awesome!

It’s very challenging to find a $100 gig extra that makes sense, and people will order, however, it can be done.

The guy that has 50 or 100 people in his queue, can charge $100 for 24-hour delivery. That might be worth it to some people.

Right now I’m charging $20 for 24-hour delivery, that’s because I was getting too many 24-hour requests at $5 and $10, and sometimes I have too much to do already, other times I don’t. Today for example I’m gonna be finishing a lot of stuff due in 3-days, I got some extra time.

It’s rare I take on custom work – people get too picky and many want something that I just don’t/won’t do. And when it’s extremely custom my prices skyrocket… lol it scares people away! :slight_smile:

I doubt with my schedule I could ever do 24hr delivery – oh but the dream would be awesome! lol.

I even had an idea for a few $100 gig extras that would work perfectly! Like so many buyers ask for art and I have an offline artist on my team so I could easily add him as an extra… but sadly it’ll have to wait.

Thanks ya’ll for the advice and feedback