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Those Inbox-spamming iguanas

Hello, Fiverr peeps. Today, I’m going off on an inbox messages rant. Please let me know about your experiences if you’ve had any similar ones!

So, the Fiverr inbox is a super efficient tool - at times, I’ve been profoundly relieved that I have the option to tell folks upfront (in nice words) to take a hike almost immediately if they’ve been vague with their information from the get-go, downright unpleasant, or if they’ve needed services that I don’t provide, without the added hassles of order cancellations.

Unfortunately, the inbox also has its fair share of people who seem to regard it as an online chat portal, rather than a professional working environment. Like other sellers out there, yes, I’m all up for some chitchat before getting down to the business specifics. I would ideally prefer to launch straight into discussing the requirements, but I have no qualms about chatting with a buyer if they’d like to know more about what I do. But what irks me to NO END are threads that are simply filled with stuff like “Hi, hello, gud mrning, wich state r u frm, plzz tell me ur not frm/frm so and so state, wat r u dng”, etc. Some users repeatedly spam message as well, writing several variations of the above lines until you’re forced to either delete their thread, or pull out your hair. (I’ve done both.)

I’m sorry, but what bearing does it have on my work if I’m from Karnataka, Maharashtra or Tamil Nadu? I’m from India. Period. What’s also frankly downright annoying is that this particular type of inbox peeps usually don’t have an order they’d like to place, or any potential business they’d like to discuss. It’s all just for the “lulz”. I’m sure a lot of you would agree with me on the next point – I find it incredibly frustrating/some parts amusing if a person continues to speak to me in a particular language even after me repeatedly telling them that I don’t speak/understand it. C’mon people, it’s not rocket science. You speak, me no speak.

At the end of the day, however ridiculous the message is, I do make it a point to reply back to most of them as politely as I can - mainly because this is a professional freelancing site, partly because of Fiverr’s response rate/policies, and finally because I keep hoping that my polite, yet firm replies might give them the hint to bugger off (sadly, they never get it).

Once, I had an inbox message from some guy that said, “Hello, gud morning, wich stade r u frm”. Stade. Not even state. At the time, I just ignored it and deleted the message.

On hindsight, I should’ve probably written back saying, “not interestade.”
Rats, golden pun opportunity missed.


Report/block, is your friend…when it works that is, LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

That r3 said. These people are giving your country a terrible name in the freelance world too. Stamp them out with force!

Yaaas, that unfortunately seems like the only way to go about it. I’ve held off on the reporting/blocking till now, but I guess I’ll have to resort to that if it goes further downhill. x/

So I’ve heard. Its unfortunate that these people are wrecking the credibility of the country. Over the past six months, I’ve had some really good experiences with a few Fiverr Indian users, but the rest…well, less said the better. monkey closing eyes emoji

They probably “mistake” Fiverr for Tinderr cough

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Quite possibly. x/

There’re way too many things you are going to face in future. This is just the beginning. There’s a reason why I avoid replying to people who leave, “HI” in the inbox.

“Which state are you from” – 20 + times
South Indian people are good in English – 15+
Do you know Rajinikanth – 3 times
HI, Hello, I want to know more about hinduism, what does namastey mean, do you know sanskrit, i got ripped off by an Indian seller once so I will not trust you, Indian people are rapists, are you single, i need a date for valentine (male buyer), I want you to be my fake boyfriend with technical skills to make my ex-boyfriend jealous, blah blah blah.

To all these messages, I reply with a single message: M3H

I get these type of comments from time to time. I just report it. Not a big deal.

Yes. Like the others, you are right as well. I have decided to cut the niceness cord - reporting is going to be POA for future inbox spammers!

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