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Those UNFAIR customers

Some customer contacted me saying he was asking for some DEMO logos to 5 of the best designers here and he should buy only the best one, my answer is attached. I hope everybody would do the same as this is very unfair, i think he should buy all 5 gigs from the 5 users and then choose one. Our work has a value! you cannot expect to enter a competition for a $5 price

Unfotunately some sellers will accept this

what do you think?

You could always just provide samples and if they’re not happy with just samples then just move on. I used to get a headache trying to handle $5 clients but now with the ability to set prices higher it clears out all these fishy ones.

I think the samples are in the seller’s gallery and he can also read the reviews, he cannot expect to get 5 designs for free. this harms the fiverr community

Demos are stupid, if they want work, they should pay at least $5. Fiverr isn’t a contest, it’s not Slogan Slingers, crowdsourcing, or any of that nonsense.

I always reply with a custom offer to such messages.

This is true. No, I wouldn’t give away free samples. I had some person want me to write an article for them to see if they “like it” before ordering. I just passed them on some pre-written content to show off and they ended up ordering. The best bet for these kind of people is to have some kind of example work for a variety of niche’s to help build up buyer confidence but not literally draw one from scratch, that just seems fishy. Haha, best of luck to you :slight_smile:

Great advice

I always reply with “Sorry, I don’t give away free samples. :)”

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