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Those who have high clicks on gigs, but suffer from lack of orders

Hey Fiverr community :woman_mage: :sunny:
I only started recently creating gigs and trying to help people on this site. Before doing so, I scrolled through the forums to see what it’s like. I got the impression that it is relatively hard to get your first few orders since nobody really wants to risk wasting time with someone who has no/very few reviews. But I was not discouraged, and here I am :smiley:
Now that I’ve created 6 gigs and been participating in the forums as much as possible, I do get relatively higher impressions and clicks, although no orders. But I understand that this is kind of a process, and it’ll get better in the future.
What was your experience once you started selling? How much did you have to wait before getting your first few orders?

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I am new here, and I have 7 GIGs. I do not know what numbers of impressions is good or OK. but I have impressions on my GIG. and it is growing each day with tiny numbers. but i do not found any single buyer request till date. don’t know , what to do?

any suggestion?

thank you


I’ve been freelancing on Fiverr for nine months now, and I can remember feeling the frustration you’re probably feeling now. If interest in your profile is going up, why aren’t your views? Are you doing something wrong?

No, is the short answer. You need to remember that clicks on your gigs aren’t just from people who may be considering buying from you.

They may also be…

  • Curious
  • Checking out their competition — while copying your competition is a big no-no here on Fiverr, and generally won’t do you any good, it’s important to see what others in your category are doing. Not only will this help with your own understanding of setting up a gig, but it may also make you realise that you have a unique selling point. This is something that others within your category don’t offer that makes your gig stand out. It may even lead to your first sale!
  • Comparing different sellers to find one that works best for them/their company
  • Coming up with a list of sellers for future projects of theirs, which may or may not go ahead

I’m sure there are even more reasons than the ones I’ve listed for people choosing to check out your gig without making a purchase.

But, even if you can’t rely on insights for consistent sales, they are still good for attaining whether your gig is performing well or not. If the gig insights are going up, then you know you’re doing something right as obviously people are finding your gig somehow.

If your insights are going down, you might be going through a slow period (every freelancer experiences these from time to time), but it could also be an indicator that you need to switch things up. Is there a way you could change the featured photo on your gig to make it more appealing? Could you make your packages stand out from others in the market? Could your descriptions be made clearer?


I totally agree with you. You explained really well!

The only thing that I know you can do, other than promoting your work on the forums, is to make PDF formats, and videos and upload it to your gig’s profile. It will make you look more professional.

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thats a good idea @sinansmeth908 I agreed but to be really honest with you i found that look for what type of work people(buyers) are looking more online and service sellers out their are very few.

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