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Those who spend more, complain less

Just find it funny that all the buyers who only spend $5 want the world and the REAL buyers who drop $105 at a time are the nicest and most appreciative. The way people stress and complain over $5 only shows their true character as they are probably broke, stressed out, are smokers, drinkers, out of shape, or just don’t understand that $5 isn’t a whole heck of a lot.

My big spenders are the nicest and also the best communicators. They are the ones who keep me here and keep me motivated because without them, I would have left a long time ago…

Thank you to the REAL buyers, who spend REAL money, to get REAL results…

DTong (TRS)


I also agree this tends to be the case.

No doubt what you say is true. The $5 buyers expectations can be unrealistic. Even if I do $10 of work on a $5 gig they’ll come back wanting $100 worth of work and expecting me to be their servant until they are satisfied. Time to cancel.

Yet I have had $50 gigs where they tipped me as much or more than what they paid for the gig.

This is generally true in life, though not always, and I definitely find it true on fiverr. Luckily I don’t have too many of those buyers who want the world!

You are right and I noticed a clear difference between two kinds of buyers i.e. low paying and more complaining and higher paying and less complaining.

The buyers who pay less and demand more are the ones who are at the initial stage of their business/work. They believe in saving every penny and are poor at describing what they really need.

The ones who are successfully running their business/work pay more to get job done faster and in a professional manner. Their objective is to get job done in time at a realistic market rate.

I have noticed that also. I like the $5 buyers who say “you do very good work for me i come back and give you much more orders”. And I’m like Oh! I will do much more than usual since he said he would be back to give me more orders! ^:)^

Fabulous post! A limited budget is fine and all, but expecting unlimited work within those boundaries is just plain ludicrous.

It makes perfect sense. People who spend more money on your services have usually earned it with hard work and dedication. This is the reason why they can appreciate your efforts too.

My $100+ buyers are also for the most part, some of the nicest people I have ever worked with. I have also worked with plenty of people who have always paid only $5 per order, but they are incredibly polite and decent too. I do agree with the OP about the big spenders complaining less. It could also have a lot do to with the percentage of big spenders when compared to those who buy fivers.

Having just commented on another thread with a similar theme, I’ll add my agreement regarding the tendencies of low paying vs higher paying buyers. Some of my problem buyers are also those who have a fit over spending $5.

The only part of your post I don’t really understand is your comments about buyers being smokers/drinkers and physically unfit and therefore having questionable character. While I am sure that healthier people tend to have lower stress levels, I don’t fully follow the comparison between certain health issues determing a person’s character. No big deal, I’m just saying I don’t get that part. :-?

Buyer who order more are actually buyers who appreciate work done for them. Of course there are buyers that even with more money on order doesn’t appreciate it.

But from my experience, all orders that I don’t have 5 stars in it, are orders for 5$.

Only once, buyer ordered for 40$ and gave me 2 stars. But that is his fault, as I know that I did everything he asked, but I just cant read buyers mind.

But yeah, you are right. Those who spend more complain less.

Reply to @fonthaunt: You’ll see that a lot in this forum, people seeing a thread getting attention so they create a similar thread because they crave the attention… :slight_smile:

About the health issues…if you can’t take care of your own body and have control over yourself, how are you suppose to run an effective business?? Smokers will complain and justify to themselves because a pack of cigs is $5. An alcoholic would rather spend that $5 on a pint of cheap vodka. Your health does determine your character because before you step out into the world, you have to have yourself together. If you don’t, everyone around you suffers…

@Startselect great screenname by the way, and you are right about the hard work and dedication part. I also think that the emotional tie to the money is much less in more well-off people. $5 is nothing to them, and $105 really isn’t either. It’s when people get personal over $5 that really makes me want to jump out of the screen and ‘wayne brady’ them… :slight_smile:

cant agree more to dtongsports :slight_smile:

The REAL buyers that pay $5 for a gig are spending REAL money, to get REAL results. The results they expect are based on your sales pitch.

I have spent $5 and $95 on one gig and expect EXACTLY the same from both.

wow.I didn’t know another thread with the same theme was live.Anyways,i totally agree.

So true :slight_smile:

True that. Typically if someone only pays $5, and I spent time on their task, and they complain and nitpick about everything. That’s usually a sign right there. A change or two is fine, but you can usually tell who’s going to be an issue.

Reply to @fonthaunt: I don’t think the other thread was a copycat in this case, but it doesn’t matter. I only mentioned it because both threads were interesting. Thanks for the elaboration. I do understand now how you arrive at your conclusion. I dont necessarily think of it in exactly the same way as far as the character determination but I learn sometimes by looking at things from other people’s perspectives so I appreciate the context.