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Thou shalt not Spam!


I’ve received so many SPAM in the last 2 months that I’ve even decided to save an automatic answer to them

Even though my old good method is still giving results

I would like having the possibility to give answers as an image, and not just text, like this:

Or when we flag someone for spamming, automatically they receive this kind of screen.
Hope this new trend of spammer sellers wil end soon… :sweat:


Oh god, that’s a brilliant idea!

:running like Forrest Gump to do it:


I always wanted to use an automated message like yours myself, but I then thought to myself: what if Fiverr doesn’t like it if I’m simulating an automated message that they should be sending?

So I don’t think I should take the risk of pretending to be Fiverr to some degree… what if I’m violating some internal rule? :stuck_out_tongue:

But I do like the idea of an image like you posted :smiley: It shall be called, FSOD (Fiverr Screen of Death) or FSOS (Fiverr Screen of Spam) :joy:


Well, the automated message is just a normal Quick Response. I don’t say I’m from Fiverr Staff.
The fact is that I don’t lie: I flag them as spam and send the info to Customer Support…

As I’ve seen this method as too drastic, I’ll be fine to have that screen as a warning (nothing official) just to prevent them from doing it again.
I know they should read the ToS before sending a bunch of spam messages, but you know nobody read those unimportant things, uh? :wink:


:joy: :joy: :joy:

I already like the name!!!


That image girl, BRILLIANT IDEA :clap: . That would be a Nuclear Attack on them. :warning:

How to get lots of impressions and clicks?

:joy::joy: I just imagine how they’ll struggle to click on the “Apologize now” button though it’s an image



You got it!!!

Go girls!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Can I also join the Go Girls club? :smiley: I promise to bark like a chihuahua once I’m in! #spam_over_and_out


Sure!! You’re welcome!!

Note: coz we will always need some cute guys to bring us coffee


LOL…just a quick post before I get back to my self-imposed hiatus… @wuerz123 seems to have completely taken over this forum last week or so. Not quite in the Emmaki league, but good enough :slight_smile: Ciao!


I knew ghosts are real! :smiley:


I thought you were in your sabbatical month!!
Now you have to start all over again, from day 1 :confounded: :wink:

Note: Who is Emmaki??? :confused:


She was an Angel :angel:


She is another great Forum user, but I don’t know why she was banned, and now she cannot create posts or start new topics :frowning:


… there should be a law against banning intelligent women… :unamused:




The big red screen is funny, but I just say “no thanks” and I’m on my way. I don’t have a problem with people offering me their services as long as they are courteous about it. I much prefer that to potential buyers who contact me trying to get me to go off Fiverr for a job.


Agreed, but when you get many of them with that clock ticking on the right side… you start to lose your politeness (which on me came in small doses since I was born) :neutral_face:


I think your action is too extreme. All you needed to say them it against T&C (most probably they don’t know) and i am pretty sure they will stop. I think it more easy option then reporting and sending pic. At the end it just my opinion.


I understand your position. However you’re currently not dealing with the amount of work I do.
The fact of having constantly spam messages and also bringing my response rate lower due to receiving them when I’m sleeping is something I personally do not accept.
I also saw it as extreme, but I am in my right to do it. The fact that they didn’t read the ToS is not my fault, but their responsibility as sellers and members of Fiverr.
These are the users who come whining later to the forums asking us to take them out of their trouble.