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Thought FIverr was a lie but now got My First Sell


Last Saturday I got my first sell on Fiverr
I opened up my FIverr Account 1st week of April. I created 4 gigs based on mainly wordpress customization. I continuously tried to promote my Gigs on different social medias to get work and boost it up. I tried twitter, facebook, linkedin and all the other stuffs. It wasn’t going that well. I did this for 10 days then got frustrated, thought Fiverr is a lie. Will I even get any work. Does FIverr really work.
All this frustration made me suffer as I am trying my very best to have good freelancing career. Though the depression I didn’t loose hope. I continued on sending offers to buyer requests and promoting my gigs on social media stuff. As I was promoting without any sponsors or huge followers my promotions were slow. They get few clicks and views. But today I know this very few also matter and they too can change your freelancing career.
At last on Feb 21 I woke up from sleep at 6 am morning. Saw a redish dot on the message option of Fiverr . Clicked it and saw buyers message. I persuaded him and he gave the order.
This was my First very order. I was so excited. Adrenaline was following through my body. Did my best fastest work and delivered the job successfully. The buyer was satisfied and gave a fine 5 star review. Getting the job done was really fun. Completing it in the given time is just like a game.
The buyer was fun. Made him a landing page where his site is called dontdodick. It’s really a funny name with an innovative idea for his e-books.
The day I completed the order I got another 2 messages from other buyers but sadly couldnt persuade them on putting the offer. :confused: Then another 3 days of no work message or any orders. But I know for myself and have confidence on my self for a Fiverr Career. Still promoted everyday and Yesterday got another project on customization.
It was basically tweaking a wordpress site with html and css.
Got another 5 star review. 2 orders in a week. Now I am not starting but totally believing in fiverr. I know I can show my skills here and become successful.
As for my experience and thoughts I think fiverr is a great platform to work on. It is really interesting and both good for buyer seller communication, relation and job process. I didn’t knew fiverr had a forum. Saw the community button and found interesting events. Then got to see the forum.
The forum is amazing love the way how people give tips and help each other in the process of sharing knowledge.
Sharing experience building up groups on a marketplace like this is innovative and better for future relations. And hey this forum is the way we express

We Are Not Robots :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks if you read my whole experience and leave a comment down with your any shareable experience. Will love to know them. And if haven’t read this yet provided a like it’s okay too. I won’t get hurt…Ummmm Maybe a little.

Love you guys.
-Artho Rafee
See my fiverr profile and Gigs if you want here, >>>>>>

7 days gone on fiverr, No order, No Knock :(

Well… I suppose you haven’t yet met one of our most beloved forum members. …

@discobot quote , please welcome Artho to the forum with one of your insightful quotes.



:left_speech_bubble: Error is discipline through which we advance. — Channing


Fiverr is not a ‘lie.’

Fiverr works for the people who make it work. It doesn’t work for the people who expect everything from it while doing nothing.


You found out it wasn’t.

Then you found out it does because

Here’s to your continued success! :milk_glass: :sunny:


Congratulations My Friend!


Can tell us your time travel secrets? :smile:


hahaha saw him recently… @discobot is really cool .


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


ordered a gig on time travel… the seller helped a lot …lol


Yeah am loving it :smiley:


Congratulation @arthorafee. I really appreciate you from the deep of my soul. I am struggling here too. Best of luck.


Fiverr rocks!!! :)I’ll quit my job soon!


If get enough work and enough money I will drop out from college.Buy a camera, do Fiverr and start traveling the world.
That’s the dream :smiley:


Thanks for sharing your experience, im also a new seller and struggling to make money.


Congratulation to you.


work hard, success will come.
your from bangladesh too?