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Thought i was getting a 3d logo ready to use

Background: I don’t know much, very little in fact, about graphic design, file formats, etc. I did have AI in the past and created some images with layers, etc but that’s about it.

So i contracted a gig for a logo design, thinking one of the deliverables “3D Mockup” meant i would get an image file ready to go on my website. So the designed sent me a 3d mockup which i really liked but it had a strange background and appeared as if viewed from an angle. Thought my deliverable would be what i needed for my website.

So long story short, i never got a 3d logo i can use. I have an ai file, and an eps file but no software to even start with even if i had the time and interest to go at it. After going back and forth repeatedly trying to explain this to my desiigner i am so confused i don’t eeven know if what i want is possible or how to ask someone to do it!

My question is, is it within reason to be possible to have my logo converted to a 3d image in a png file with a transparent background? And if possible, how can i find someone to do just that? lol Help!

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Just post request in “Buyer Request” section. Also you can contact me via inbox and send a preview. I will review it and let you know all details

3D logo mockup is different from actual 3D logo file

“Buyer request” section…I didnt know about that…thank-you

3D mock up is a 3D mock up. mockup is a preview file in a 3D mode as an example of how your logo will look like in a 3d on a wall for example.

3D logo is a different thing. It looks like your seller did deliver what he promised. But you can reach out to him and ask him to send you your logo in a png file. (He should be able to export it easily if that was part of an order)


Yes thank-you, I have learned that through this experience. Unfortunately for me, my designer was incapable of explaining that to me and would not provide any other file or suggestion on how i could get a usable 3d logo. So here I am…burnt out and frustrated after 4 or 5 days of back and forth with him…eventually support explained it to me… I will be posting in the buyer request section when I have time to find it, thanks all

Was the background like a grid pattern? It sounds like you didn’t know what you were ordering exactly and the designer wasn’t able to communicate well enough to explain it.